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Posted By Teen Porn on 03/14/07 - Write A Comment!
Kari Sweets

You are over at your buddies pad and his teenage sister is kicking it on her bed wearing a fishnet outfit complete with pink thong. Is it your fault you can’t take your eyes off of her? Hell no!

Lucky for you, she is so engrosed with her homework, she doesn’t even know you are there. Some sneaking down the hall to make sure your buddy is still watching TV and it is time to do some more gawking at his sister.

Your pulse pounds as your massage your manhood. What if she turns around or hears you? Then again…. would that be soooo bad?

Kari Sweets is the perfect girl for these fantasies and more. She can be anyone you want her to be. And she loves to wear panties and tight clothing for the camera.

Click a few pages into the tour at and you will get a good feel for what this website is all about. Mainly, a teen girl with rock hard legs and a firm and full ass. A girl with freckles, small tits and a youthful smile.

Kari is that schoolgirl you always wished you could talk to. The softball babe you wanted to see naked. The cheerleader who’s skirt you wanted to look up.

Now you can chat with Kari Sweets on her message board. She updates her website 2 times a week with photo sets and videos. Members also get chances to win Kari’s autographed clothes, posters, etc…

Are you man enough to be her biggest fan?

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