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Posted By Teen Porn on 11/17/07 - Write A Comment!

Barely Legal and Ebony

I am going to be honest with you. I don’t like black girls. Well… most of them anyway. I like Beyonce and I like Lisa Bonet but lets be honest about that too… They are not your typical black girls. They are light skinned and obviously come from mixed races.

Kiss Promise is black. She is the real deal. And… I think she is fucking hot! I asked around… I picked two of my friends and let them read that opening paragraph and I asked them about Kiss Promise and they both felt the same way I do. One of my friends was black and the other Mexican so I know I am not being weird here.

The photography on is just as hot as she is. I get sick and tired of bad lighting and jacked up colors. Look at a few web sites at random and you will see what I am talking about. They make the tour photos pretty but leave the photo sets looking like my kid shot them with a snap and shoot camera. Not here. This shit is art.

In addition to being hot, Kiss Promise is also barely legal. And unlike other barely legal teens out there she gets 100% naked! Now I like a good tease just as much as the next guy but other times I enjoy closing the deal more. Kiss is one of those times where more is more. updates on a weekly basis and she has a ton of content already archived from past updates. Kiss is the queen of blending the color lines!

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Kiss Promise

Posted By Teen Porn on 12/14/05 - Write A Comment!
Promise teasing and showing her young boobsKiss Promise getting messy with her foodKissPromise licking frosting off of a spoon
Ebony teen sucks a candy and then rubs it on her clitToo cute ebony Kiss Promise strips of her gstringEbony glowing skin and powder blue bra and panties = HAWT!


Saturday Night Live did a skit once where they parodied the 60’s TV series That Girl with their own version called That Black Girl. Why am I telling you this? Because Kiss Promise is That Black Girl for me.

Kiss Promise is one hell of a little package. A tight and toned body merged with a cute and fresh face. She really is all that and a bag of chips.

OK, now lets spend some time on her ass. Wow. Fucking hard as a rock but, I would imagine it is smooth to the touch. You can preview Kiss Promise’s ass in the galleries above. Particularly the one in rainbow panties.

If you are looking for a fresh ebony honey to spend your load on right now, is where you need to be!

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