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Somebody did a search for Devi Emmerson and couldn’t find her. Sorry about that. I guess I was slacking on my pimping. Don’t worry though, I have been going to the gym lately so my pimp hand is way strong should any of these hoes get out of line!

Devi Emmerson is a hottie. Born in Seaside, Oregon, Devi doesn’t take shit from no one, except for me of course. She has a pierced tongue so you can imagine what a blowjob from this spicy cutie would feel like!

You can watch her girls kissing videos at Hot Teens Kissing. They shoot in HD so you can see every glistening sparkle of saliva as it passes from tongue to tongue!

Not to be outdone by other sites, Hot Teens Kissing also has the girls get into some heated lesbian action after several minutes of swapping spit. Grab a pass and they’ll give you access to their entire HD network. Like I said, they don’t like being outdone!

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