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Posted By Teen Porn on 04/03/08 - Write A Comment!

Am I hearing things or did someone just whisper Lesbian Coeds into my ear? Maybe I just need to lay off the Xanax… I thought it was supposed to fix this shit but, I think it is fucking my head up…

I am always happy when a barely legal girl from the Mid-West decides to show off her body. Kristi Montana is like a patch right off the quilt of America. is like several sites in one. Along with being barely legal, this girl is also very bisexual. You could say that she shares the camera with other girls just as often as she hogs it all to herself. If the Kobe from the Los Angeles Lakers had her sharing percentage he would finally get the league MVP!

Like I was saying… Along with the barely legal, bisexual cutie above you also get a girl who loves to tease you with her panties. There are some amazing picture sets of Kristi and her girlfriends showing off their panties and what is underneath.

The members area updates weekly and the videos are downloadable. Plus you can even get them in formats like cell phone, Ipod and Iphone. If you were scouring the net for something new and exciting you can stop now because you just just found it in Kristi Montana!

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