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Posted By Teen Porn on 04/28/06 - Write A Comment!
Kristyl Jade Blonde Bombshell

Yeah, I know… She isn’t exactly a "teen" but I believe in the democratic process and the votes were cast… where were you?

Votes? What fucking votes are you talking about, asshole?

Do you see that search box to the top right of the page? When you search for hot babes it logs it in the database. When you don’t find that special model it is logged in a different list. I read that list and base my picks on who isn’t being fullfilled…

So back to the winner… her name is Kristyl Jade and it can be said that she is a blonde bombshell. Infact, in the encyclopedia under the term Blonde Bombshell, you will see her picture…. so there!

So she isn’t a teen, you gonna kick her out of bed? Didn’t think so! I could nibble on that pussy for hours, even days… just surviving on her pussy juice for sustenance… yeah… it is a hard life but someone has got to do it!

And those tits… ohh those tits… Lovely Anne has tits… But Kristyl has BIG FUCKING TITTIES! Jesus… Tits…

Ok, enough on the tits, I know… Miss Jade is from the website aptly named My Private Glamour. But hey… I am a nice guy so I am sharing it with you all!

At you will find equally fuckable titties in a wall to wall situation… Asses so tight you can use them as diving boards plus you get dick sucking lips a-plenty…

My Private Glamour has 93 models and counting… Insane because they are all of Playboy quality…. It is like looking at the Pac10 issues from the last 10 years, all in one convenient location.

To get the full feel of you need to click the Models link at the top and check out some of the tasty girlsBianca caught my eye real quick… Make sure to scroll down because as with any glamour site, you have 90 hot babes and three ugly horse faced bitches… and they are always at the top (fucking alphabet)!

Find More Kristyl Jade!

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