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Posted By Teen Porn on 11/24/12 - Write A Comment!


Would you like to talk true princess material? Tobie Teen grew up thinking she wasn’t pretty enough to get the boys. This caused her to use some gorilla tactics. Boys on her street were privy to some nice flashing once Tobie started growing her still small tits. She was probably the only naked girl most boys had seen up until then and it made the other girls very jealous.

As with most girls that breeze through school on a fuck-the-teacher scholarship, Tobie Teen graduated without much knowledge or skill in anything that didn’t require blowing the person in charge. Transitioning to being a solo model on the Internet just made sense!

With her jailbait looks and her smooth brown skin Tobie has become very popular over at the Legal Bait Pass. Along with her friends Little Lexie and Little Laney you won’t find a better place to enjoy barely legal girls that look young enough to pass for real jailbait!

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I often wonder what it would have been like to have lived with today’s technology around when I was younger. Imagine giving your sister a babysitter cam. I mean a stuffed teddy bear. for her birthday and then watching the crazy shit she and her friends did when she had sleepovers!

Those days are long gone and once you grow up looking at your sister becomes pretty creepy anyway. But you can still see what would have happened by getting a Legal Bait Pass. It gives you access to one hardcore multi-model site and six solo model sites for only $1.

As the name would suggest all of the girls are barely legal, or at least barely legal looking. All of the girls have small tits like Little Lexie and Little Lara above. Some have smaller tits than others. I think Tobie Teen might have the smallest of them all!

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