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Posted By Teen Porn on 11/05/12 - Write A Comment!


Picking the first picture for this gallery was almost as tough as not jerking off, and instead, writing this post so that you can. It invokes a ton of emotions and inspires many dirty thoughts.

I was a lucky son of a bitch growing up because I had a special friend that lived down the street from me and we used to full around. She was in gymnastics and being a good friend I often went to her meets. It wasn’t hard for me to figure out why men go to these things.

Back in the 80’s these competitions were probably the only place you could go and see girls wearing very little clothing with shaved pussies. Without pussy hair most of the girls were sporting a pretty inviting camel toe. Leotards, being what they are, don’t smooth over much of what is below. It was like looking at a girls pussy with only paint covering it!

My special friend noticed I was very fond of watching her stretch and perform in her leotard. She often modeled it for me and enjoyed seeing the reaction it stirred up in my pants.

One summer day she invited me over to her house and told me to meet her in the backyard. Her family had a pool so I assumed she wanted to go swimming. I let myself into the backyard and found her neck deep in the pool. Upon seeing me she motioned for me to sit on the deck chair she had placed in front of the pool steps.

I did as I was told and got comfortable on the reclining deck chair. The next thing I know she is slowly exiting the pool in a very sultry manner. It was as if she were a runway model wearing high heels or something. As her body became exposed it was apparent she was wearing a leotard instead of a bikini. My dick already started getting hard in anticipation for what was coming next!


As more of her body exited the water I was treated to the visions of a see-thru leotard on a nubile girl. Her nipples shown right through the material and I could completely make out her small tits. By then my cock was rock hard. So hard in fact that it was actually quite painful!

When her stomach surfaced I could see her belly button clearly through the thin leotard’s material. I was finally going to be able to see her pussy!

My special friend hit the transition from the fourth step to the third step and there it was. Her pussy was so beautiful. With the gap in her legs I could see her slit going from the front all the way to her butt. My breathing became labored and I started to sweat.

As with the other gymnasts in her meets my friend had shaved her pussy completely bare. While still on the second step she squatted down and rolled her hips from side to side like an erotic dancer. Where did this girl learn these moves?

The water trapped inside her leotard dripped out and looked like pee when she was in this position. Up until then I thought pee was gross. At that point I wouldn’t have minded if she had peed right on me!


At this point my special friend did something totally unexpected. She pulled her leotard up into her pussy and seemed to be using it to massage her clit by pulling it side-to-side. My hand instinctively moved towards me dick, but I managed to stop it at my hip. She seemed to pick up on this and pulled her leotard to the side exposing her bald beaver to me for the first time.


Up until then I the only pussies I had ever seen were in magazines and usually the girls were spreading their pussy lips like iris flower petals. So I was kind of surprised to see that my friend didn’t have any inner lips. Or at least none that she could spread like the girls in the magazines. Later on I would come to know her pussy "type" as a cleft of Venus.

My friend spread her pussy for me and showed me her clit before licking her finger and rubbing her spit into it. As she did this she looked down at my cock and then my hand giving me the slightest of nods as if to say it was OK to jerk off in front of her.

That was all the confirmation I needed and I whipped out my cock and began to beat it for her. As I did so she inserted her finger into her pussy and pulled it out slowly. Some of her oils clung to the tip of her finger creating a string. It looked so hot I decided to do the same thing for her with my penis.

This seemed to make her really horny and she stuck two fingers into her pussy this time. Only when she was done in there she brought them up to her mouth and sucked her juiced off of them. She looked down at my cock expectantly and not wanting this show to end or to disappoint her I touched the tip of my penis letting the precum string out before bringing my finger to my mouth and licking it off.

My special friend stood up and walked slowly over to me before getting down on all fours in front of my chair. She bent down and started licking my cock while I pumped the shaft. When she put her warm mouth on my cock head I thought I had died and had went to heaven. It felt so good!

It didn’t take me long to build up the urge to cum even though I had wished it would take forever and a day so I could continue the blowjob. I tried to let her know what was about to happen, but she seemed to already know and she seemed to want me to cum into her mouth. Which I did. Hard! Harder than I had ever cummed before. So hard in fact I think I gave myself a hernia in my left nut!

With a mouth full of my spunk she crawled up the chair until she was hovering over me. She wanted a kiss so I assumed she was swallowed my load. Wrong! I tasted the salty sperm and thought about breaking away, but then I felt her tight pussy enveloping my cock and I lost all control.

She road me like a she-devil cowgirl riding a bucking bronco. Soon she began to shake. My little angel put her arms around my neck and pressed her hard nipples into my chest. I could feel her pussy clenching my cock and figured she must be having an orgasm.

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