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Sometimes I get a bit jaded when it comes to porn. How many sites tell you that a babe is a virgin, or her first time on film, or an amateur chick and then you press play to find a top pornstar on your screen. Not that they aren’t hot, but I mean, let’s just tell it like it is. 

Finally, with this FTV Girls discount for 63% off, I’ve found a site that actually delivers on their promises. FTV stands for First Time Video, and while I’m sure it’s not filled with virgins, these girls definitely haven’t been in porn before. Now, I can’t promise that none of them did some stuff after they modeled for this site, but I do know they are all fresh faces at the time of filming. 

So we know they are brand spanking new, but what are they doing exactly? Well, just about anything you can imagine. Most are solo scenes, where these babes are stripping down to show off every inch of their hot and horny bodies. Most finger their tight wet pussies. Some will use toys, or even other exotic objects to fill their tight holes. There are also plenty of lesbian and hardcore scenes featured. Whatever they are up to, it’s in full HD with corresponding photo sets, and it is all hot as hell!

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Lesbian pussy eating contest

If you are wondering whether or not jailbait girls do this sort of thing I can tell you beyond the shadow of a doubt that they do. Guys masturbate profusely around the age of puberty. Girls have sex with each other. Every guy thinks he is the only one that jerks off and hides his secret like his life depends on it. Girls do the same with their lesbian games. They figure everyone else must not be doing it because people say so many mean things about "fuzz bumpers".

The Premium GFs network aims to dispel the myths about teenagers and their sexually deviant ways. They pull no punches when it comes to letting the girls be girls. You get to see teen girls wearing the panties that girls really wear. You get to see them in their training bras because their boobies are so small. And above all, you get to see let do things like have pussy eating contests.

What is a pussy eating contest you ask? It is a race where the girls try and see who can eat pussy the best by making the other girl cum first. My sister and her sleepover friends used to do it as a relay race. Two sets of girls would eat each other out and then switch. Once both girls came the race was won.

They also did crazy stuff like masturbation races. Once I got to get into the mix and race them. I always won!

See more of Lil Lexy and her friends on the Premium GFs network!

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When it comes to all things panty you really cannot go wrong with the TNV Girls. They update weekly with a new video and lots of pics featuring one, two, three, or more, girls wearing soft sexy panties.

In the videos you will see lots of making out. Girls rub on each other and feel each other up. Lately the videos have been getting more heated. Originally the site was strictly nonnude, but now there is some nudity. Most of the girls have perky small tits, but there are some cock knockers in there as well.

In this gallery the girls are wearing some super soft, super sexy, satin panties. I have masturbated with panties like these before. So enjoyable! I recommend using coco butter and getting them slightly wet (and wrung out) in the sink. Water and oil don’t mix so you get a very slippery effect.

To see the video go to TNV Girls and get a membership you won’t regret!

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Oh the games we would play!

Did you ever notice that when your sister invited friends over they always locked her door and turned on the radio? There is a reason for that. Girls are more apt to share their sexuality with their girlfriends more than boys. While boys are out catching lizards and snakes girls are experimenting with what feels good and sharing their favorite masturbation techniques with each other.

Lili Jensen is one such girl. This is her friend Cali Logan and Lili is in such a sharing mood she has decided to unlock the door and let us in to see what really goes on when the radio blares.

It would be an understatement to say that Lili Jensen is a hawt babe. Her small tits are very perky and her skin is very tan. Her skin contrasts with her bright eyes so well you won’t have a problem jacking off to them. Yeah, I know. Who jacks off to a girls eyes? You do!

Along with those bright eyes are some soft pink lips. Now do you want to masturbate? Don’t deny her. That would be rather rude of you; don’t you think?

I am a big time fan of camel toe. Especially when a girl has a cleft of Venus that really enjoys the taste of a girls panties. Lili Jensen has a pussy with an insatiable appetite for panties. It is like a match made in heaven. is giving you access to all of her friends with one password. Again, don’t be rude. Take this girl up on her offer before she slaps you!

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Cherry from Club Seventeen is so fucking hot even her girlfriends can’t keep their hands off of her. She is one of those rare girls where she is small enough to fit in your shirt pocket and spunky enough to make you feel young again!

This little blonde nubile teen has a killer body with perky young boobies and a tight fanny. Her tummy is tight with just a little hint of baby fat still left over. And her face. So fresh!

One thing Cherry learned early in life is that it is better to have done then to wonder what might have been. So Cherry has dedicated her life to enjoying everything to it’s fullest, including sex.

At Club Seventeen they find girls in their prime. No, not their underaged prime you sicko! I am talking about girls with perky tits and tight bodies. While the site might say Seventeen, the reality of it is they stick to 18 year old girls and up.

You might be wondering how they got their name? Well, back in 1976 they started a magazine that did include underage girls. But in Europe this was legal at the time. It still is in their home country, but to stay out of trouble they decided to comply with America’s laws.

So no more jailbait, but their barely legal models like Cherry are plenty young enough to make a guy dream, right?


As I said before, even the girls dream about getting into Cherry’s pants. Imagine spying on these two teens from the closet. Watching them go down on each other. How could you not jump out of that closet and burry your cock balls deep into Cherry as she licks her friend’s pussy on all fours?


Even Cherry dreams now and then. Right here she is having her friend show her what it would be like to have your big cock inside her little pussy. It hurts a little, but it also feels kind of good too! Over time it will hurt less and less, and feel amazing.

Club Seventeen updates twice a day. They have thousands of videos and thousands of models to choose from. Most of the models have done several videos and picture galleries. There are no download limits or digital rights management so you can watch the videos even if you cancel your membership!

Now members of can interact with the models on their web cams! Imagine telling Cherry what to do! Get inside the members area and kick this weekend off right!

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The only thing missing in this picture is you!

The girl with the small tis and pink undies is Alice Wonderbang. The girl with the small tits in a training bra is Natasha Shy. Together they make for one hot evening of skinny dipping and playing games like truth or dare!

These two little hotties might look like jailbait, but be aware, they know exactly what they are doing. They are cougars in the making. You might think you are getting one up on them, but the reality of it is, they are going to chew you up and spit you out!

Sux 2 b u!


Join 18 Only Girls and get both girls and more all in one mega-site. Or, join and watch all of her kinky small tits teen videos. Ooor, join Alice Wonderbang and find out how she got her curiously kinky name!


Ooooor! Get Moooaaar with that 18 Only Girls pass!

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I had one of those moms with radar for finding and steering clear of girls like Selina 18 and her friend above. She knew right from the start that a dynamic duo like these two would be up to no good!

So one day my mom let her guard down. She went to a friends house for some Bingo and I was all alone in our pool in the backyard. I was practicing swimming the entire length of the pool underwater and when I came up on the other side, there they were!

The crazy bitches much have jumped the fence or something. No telling what lengths these two would go to in order to stir up trouble. My mom always told me to watch out for these two and to never ever trust them. Unfortunately I didn’t listen much to her training and the only thing going through my head was how awesome it looked to see their panties cling to their pussy mounds!

As I sat on the pool steps watching them they sprung into action. Selina started swinging which required her to thrust her legs (and pelvis) this way and that. Eventually she pulled her legs up and I could almost see the contours of her pussy lips pressing against her tight panty crotch!

Suddenly she bounced out of the swing and landed like five feet from the edge of the pool and slowly walked up to me. The sun was right behind her and the visual was quite powerful! Then her friend appeared behind her. She shoved her hand down Selina’s panties and Selina turned so they could share a kiss!

My cock practically tore itself free of its confines. I watched mesmerized by the site of Selina’s friend rubbing her hand inside Selina’s panties. Then Selina reached down and pulled her panties down to her knees! Now I could see her friends fingers disappearing inside her wet cunt!

While I continued to watch her friend used her index and ring fingers to spread Selina’s pussy lips apart and her middle finger to rub over her exposed clit. Her other arm was wrapped around Selina’s stomach as if to hold her up because the stimulation was making her knees wobbly.

Her friend broke her lip lock with Selina and turned to me asking, "Do you want a taste?"

Did I ever? I felt like a castaway on some deserted island without fresh water hoping for raindrops. Her friend was holding Selina’s pussy lips open exposing her clit to me. I could see her cunny juices glistening. Like a moth to a flame I rose out of the water and touched my tongue to her pussy slit not knowing what would happen next.

When my tongue met her clit I swirled it around and her knees almost gave out. Selina’s friend wrapped both arms around her and held her captive as my tongue explored her pussy. I ran my tongue from her clit to her tiny pussy hole. Pushing my tongue up into the hole was harder then I thought it would be. I wondered if she was still a virgin?

I felt Selina put her hands on my head to steady herself better as waves of orgasm washed over her. At one point she went totally limp in her friends arms and I wondered if she had fainted. Then she pushed my tongue away as the stimulation was tickling her.

"Your turn!" Her friend exclaimed before grabbing my arm and pulling me out of the water as Selina jumped into the pool taking my old place on the steps!

Selina 18 goes hardcore and does softcore too. Her site updates weekly and is part of the ” target=”_blank”>Tiny Teen Pass. You get over 20 solo model sites and more multi-model sites as well. Girls like Little Summer, Teen Topanga and Chloe 18 make up even more dynamic duos and trios!

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With the increasing levels of sexual content on the T.V. these days it is no wonder that girls are experimenting earlier and earlier with sex than ever before! Not that I am complaining. I enjoy watching small tits teens pleasure themselves, as well as, one another!

In this post we have Amanda Mirelli and her friend Polliana conducting experiments with food. If you don’t find two chicks licking whipped cream of each others nipples hot then you are definitely in the wrong place!

These girls get so curious Amanda has to know if strawberry juice will make Polliana’s already tasty bum even tastier! Conclusion: a big phat yes!

Memberships for Polliana, Amanda Mirelli and her sister Miranda run through Polliana’s web site and you get access to all of their content!

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Watch two small tits teens go down on each other never gets old. I could watch Sammy 18 and Teen Lilly above lick each other dry for as long as it takes!

The beauty of it is that both girls do hardcore and with a ” target=”_blank”>Tiny Teen Pass you get more than just two hot bi-sexual teens, you get 24 of them. Yes, you read that right. With one pass you get Sammy 18, Teen Lilly, Ellie 18, Lil Emma, Paulina 18, Selina 18, Little Summer, Little Lupe and a lot more.

Why is the ” target=”_blank”>Tiny Teen Pass basically giving them away? I don’t have the slightest clue, but I can tell you that you can join right now for just a buck!

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If you like watching chicks kiss, lick each others pussies and rub each other to orgasm, Sapphic Erotica discount for 67% off should be in your stable of sites. Just like you I cannot afford to join every single site in the world and just like me you cannot afford to pass up on this deal!

Sapphic Erotica is wall-to-wall teenage lesbians. They update a full seven days a week and there are just under 1000 videos currently waiting for you. There are literally over 800 small tits models and 98% of them are 100% fuckable!

This site is legendary in the lesbian niche. The girls are passionate lesbians. They love the taste of pussy just as much as you do. If  you thought watching one teenager was hawt, wait until you see two making out with each other. or three!. or FOUR!. OR FIVE!!!

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