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Posted By Teen Porn on 03/25/07 - Write A Comment!
Little Danni

I pay a lot of attention to blondes and brunettes and I often highlight some red headed solo models but today I will hit on a black haired beauty named Little Danni.

Everything about this teenager is little. From her little tits to her little ass. Just about the only things that don’t appear little are her long slender legs and her sexy long black hair.

Like most high schoolers without a chest Danni grew up shy and self conscious. But then the Internet blew up and suddenly it wasn’t just all about her home town anymore. She could find guys that find her appealing all over the world! And that is how was born.

Little Danni isn’t like a lot of the internet models out there. For starters she gets totally naked in her members area. Her first sets seem a little awkward but with all of the adoration she received from her loyal fans she quickly lost all of her inhibitions about being naked for us.

You could say that Danni is a show off now… but hey, who is complaning? If this little, hot 18 year old wants to show off then I say we let her do it! gives you a new picture set each week with an acompaning video to boot!

Not enough to wet your whistle? Then how about access to her friends too? That makes it 10 updates a week! That is Little Danni, Fun With Amber, Lana’s Fantasies, Debbi Teen and Busty Alli. All for one low price. You won’t find a better deal!

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