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The school administrators at Paulina 18‘s school used to call her tawdry. The word is meant to define something as cheap and tasteless. Well, they got the tasteless part right. Little girls pussies like Paulina’s are so fresh and clean they have no taste and no smell. I don’t see what the school’s problem was. do you?

Oh. yeah. They also meant to say she was cheap. Well, I guess they were right there too. Paulina 18 was a cheap date in high school. She didn’t expect you to take her to The Olive Garden and a movie in order to have sex with her. In fact, she’d rather you just save the cash and spend it on a hotel room! is loaded with videos of her sexual encounters. She learned from an early age that she liked both girls and boys equally. Paulina also likes to dig three fingers into her pussy and pretend an older guy with a bigger cock is fucking her teen pussy.

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With girls like Selina 18 you will also be wondering if this place is even legal. Well, it is legal. But just barely! These guys are masters at finding girls willing to make porn just days after their 18th birthday!

Some of the new girls like Tiny Becky and Lil Kelly also have young perky breasts. Then there are "veterans" like Chloe 18 and Teen Topanga that also have small tits and braces!

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