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If there is one thing I miss while living here in Los Angeles it is Tom Lykis on talk radio. I miss it because during the summer he would have a part of the show called Flash Friday’s. On these days women all over L.A. would flash you if you had your headlights on during the daytime. While he was still on the radio I used to drive a shuttle bus to and from the airport. Once a carload of hot babes in a convertible flashed my shuttle bus. Good times!

Everyone on my shuttle was like, "What in the fuck as that about?" I turned the radio over to Tom’s show and they could hear people calling in about having been flashed. One of the customers called his show and told him about us getting flashed. The only lady in the back of the bus grabbed the phone and went off on Tom about how despicable this kind of thing was. How he should be fined and taken off of the radio. How this would never fly in Oklahoma where she was from. Over there he’d be shot!

Good times!

Little Lexie sucking cock

We aren’t in Oklahoma anymore. Shit, we aren’t in Kansas either. We are in the whacky place called the world wide web and I love it. I love it because girls like Little Lexie are willing to make our day for us. All it takes is a little cock sucking and some flashing of her small tits, and life is complete.

Sorry, old lady, but your time is over and we are in charge now. And we likey!

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When Little Laney and Little Lexie laid their eyes on the new recruit to the cheerleading squad they thought they noticed her checking them out. Was she a bisexual girl too? There was only one way for them to find out. Sleepover party!

The girls invited what they hoped would be their newest victim and were happy when she accepted. The party was going to be at Laney’s house and her parents were going to be out all night at a wedding reception. Since her parents liked to party she didn’t expect them to come home until early the next morning.

Both blonde girls wore something skimpy hoping to elicit some more looks from Young Yasmin. It worked. When Lexie’s shorts rode up so far while she sat Indian style that her panties showed Yasmin couldn’t stop from taking little peeks here and there.

Laney pretended to "catch" her brunette friend and asked her just what she thought she was doing. Yasmin’s face went beet red. She was sure nobody else was like her in the world. Surely no other girls at her school were interested in kissing with girls.

Then Lexie and Laney shocked their new friend by kissing each other only inches away from her face. Yasmin could feel her clit getting hard and her pussy getting wet. In only a few seconds she couldn’t already tell her panties were drenched!

To her surprise both girls pulled off their shirts to expose their naked small tits. Next they turned their attention to Yasmin as they pulled her shirt over her head before diving into her breasts with their tongues flicking her sensitive nipples.

Yasmin had never went down on a girl before and wondered if this was going to be the night. It felt so exciting and kinky to be naked with two other girls in the front room of the house. The idea that somebody might catch them only heightened the exhilarating feelings already pumping through her tingling body.

By the time the night was over the girls did something all of them had never done before. They formed a lesbian train licking each others pussies at the same time. As the years went by they would eventually assemble a train eight girls long!

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Most fathers think of their little girls as being just that, little. Their mothers know a deep dark secret though. Think back to when your sister used to have her friends sleep over and your mom would get all giddy. Even more odd was that she got even more giddy the closer it got to bed time.

Why was mommy so excited about the girls going to bed? Because your mom knew what the girls were going to do once the lights went out. Where boys, well, most boys anyway, go to sleep, the girls start exploring each other – feeling each other out so to speak!

So how come your sister and her friends could have sex with each other, but you and your friends couldn’t? Seriously, bro. Do you really want to go there?

Little Summer is a great site for discovering what your sister and her friends were doing with their small tits. Summer and her friends like Little Lexie above play all sorts of naughty games with each other. Some of those games get pretty wicked!

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If only you could be so lucky.

Little Summer and her friend Little Lexie just finished cheer practice and believe it or not, even cheer girls get horny looking at other girls in cheerleader uniforms. Especially girls that have had a crush on each other ever since they met!

These small tits blonde teens first laid eyes on each other while doing their freshman orientation class while still in high school. Summer wore a super high skirt and some sexy thong panties. Between the two of them not much was left to the imagination.

Little Lexie pulled the, "Oops, I dropped a pencil," trick. While down there Summer opened her legs and gave her newly discovered BFF an excellent shot of her thong covered pussy lips. The thin material was almost see through and Lexie could see that Summer was getting wet.

After the orientation was over both girls hooked up on the way to get their books and schedules. Summer invited Lexie over to her house to talk about everything that had transpired that day and Lexie accepted.

The entire way home both girls flirted with one another. When they passed some hedges Lexie felt Summer push her in and then flip her around so she was facing her. Their eyes met and both girls giggled. Then they both got real serious and touched their lips together.

"Like strawberries." Thought Lexie of her friends lips.

Summer could taste the watermelon in Lexie’s lip gloss and wondered if Lexie could taste hers. As the tastes melded together in their pouty teen mouths both girls really began to enjoy the taste.

The girls embraced each other in a blinding moment of passion. Neither cared if anybody saw them. They only wanted to spend the rest of their lives in that very moment.

As a rush of adrenalin hit Summer’s heart she quickly regained conscious-ness again. She remembered that she was kissing a girl in her neighbors hedges. Then she remembered she actually did care if anybody saw her kissing another teenage girl and broke off their embrace.

Lexie’s eyes popped open and she looked at her kissing partner puzzled. Not wanting to make her friend think she wasn’t enjoying their kiss Summer quickly pulled her into her backyard and resumed right where they left off.

After several more minutes of kissing both girls began to explore the other ones body with her hands. Little Summer bent down and began kissing Lexie’s chest working her shirt up so she could switch to her small tits. Lexie offered no resistance. She even undid her bra letting it fall to the ground.

Summer’s parents lived in a one story suburban neighborhood where most houses, including Summer’s own house, had large block walls. None of her neighbors could see over without climbing a latter. And that is just what I did!

Just as I had peered over the wall the girls both sat on a bench and began rubbing each other’s pussies. At this point they seemed to lose all of their inhibitions, if they had any to begin with, and stripped completely naked.

I waited until I could hear Summer moaning and looked over the wall again. Little Lexie was kneeling in front of Summer with her head in Summer’s crotch. Her tongue was slowly moving from Summer’s vulva to her clit and back down again. Each time she made it down she thrust it into Summer as far as it would go and then brought it back to her clit again.

This was my queue to pull my cock out and start jacking off. Which I did.

As I looked back Lexie pushed two fingers into her friends tight virgin pussy and put her tongue exclusively on clit duty. This seemed to drive Summer wild and in no time we both came together!

Unfortunately I let own a moan as well and both girls stopped what they were doing to look my way. I jumped down before they could see me and pretended to be a dog scratching at my back door hoping the girls wouldn’t look over the wall. They didn’t.

I got to watch them on many occasions after that, but my favorites were always Summer’s pool parties. You can watch the videos in the members area with a ” target=”_blank”>Tiny Teen Pass!

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I didn’t particularly enjoy high school. I would have much rather just banged high school girls and skipped the whole actually showing up part of it all. But those days are now long gone. I have now been out of high school for longer than my age when I graduated high school. Bummer!

But it doesn’t have to be a total loss because there are girls like Little Summer with her braces and her perky small tits that are more than willing to make me feel like a kid again!

Little Summer is a barely legal girl next door. Only this girl likes sex and she tries to get it as often as she can. She made a deal with her mom and dad that she wouldn’t have sex with boys until she was eighteen, but she didn’t say anything about having sex with other girls!

This brings up Summer’s friends like Little Lexie. In the video below the girls are peeing right next to each other. Why do we like watching girls pee anyway? Don’t answer that. Just enjoy the show!

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More girls like Chloe 18 and Teen Topanga frequently come over to Summer’s house to explore their sexuality. Take a trip back in time with some barely legal girls!

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I often wonder what it would have been like to have lived with today’s technology around when I was younger. Imagine giving your sister a babysitter cam. I mean a stuffed teddy bear. for her birthday and then watching the crazy shit she and her friends did when she had sleepovers!

Those days are long gone and once you grow up looking at your sister becomes pretty creepy anyway. But you can still see what would have happened by getting a Legal Bait Pass. It gives you access to one hardcore multi-model site and six solo model sites for only $1.

As the name would suggest all of the girls are barely legal, or at least barely legal looking. All of the girls have small tits like Little Lexie and Little Lara above. Some have smaller tits than others. I think Tobie Teen might have the smallest of them all!

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Teenage girls crave sharing. They share their clothes, their makeup and even their masturbation techniques!

In today’s small tits video Little Summer and Little Lexie take turns making each other cum. Sometimes when Summer’s parents aren’t home she challenges Lexie to a race to see who can cum the fastest!


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You already know about the American Pie scene where the girl talks about having masturbated with a flute in band camp. Some of you probably even went to band camp. What you might not know is that these kinds of things are actually pretty common with girls experimenting with their pussies!

Little Lexie might not exactly be proof of this phenomenon, but she does have a convincing argument! Having been to band camp I can honestly say the small tits girls weren’t there to learn how to play the flute with their mouths! In fact, you’d think they were cramming for Sex-Ed!


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Tobie had such a tough time in school. She is so glad Summer is here and that she can finally put high school behind her. The girls at school always made fun of her small tits. Kids of both sexes harped on her about her princess outfits and girly ways. They always wondered aloud when she was going to grow up!

Guys, who here wants to see Tobie Teen grow up? I, for one, think Tobie should be allowed to explore her fantasies any way she sees fit. If she prefers to be a princess over going to college, so be it! I am not going to kick her off of my cock just because she is a little immature. In fact, I kind of like that part about her!

With Tobie Teen you get access to her friends like Little Lexie and Little Lara. She even gives you access to hardcore sites like Cock Rocking Teens. So explore her immaturity and that of her teenage friends. Then come back here and leave a comment about the wild ride you’ve taken!

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Oh no girls. Watch out for the big, scary, perverted man on the other side of that camera!

Seriously though. Have you ever seen something this cute? Three petite girls with perky small tits keeping warm in the shallow end. My mind races with thoughts of the naughty things a guy could do with this trio!

Little Summer is no stranger to naughty men. She has been fending them off, and in some cases inviting them in, for years. All throughout high school she had one horny dude or another trying to slip a hand into her panties. While the guys were mostly out of luck the girls scored on a daily basis!

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You enjoy watching barely legal girls get naked for you. That is why you are here. Seeing the nubile bodies of naked girls does something to you. Maybe seeing them brings you back to days when sex was the most exciting. Back when it was an unknown adventure! What ever your reasons for wanting to see girls naked, Little Lexie has a secret to share with you. She enjoys getting naked and watching guys jackoff to her small tits and tight pussy!

Lexie has been teasing boys with “accidental” upskirt shots of her panties for years. She always wondered if guys found her so hot they had to touch themselves like she did. Once she was old enough to pose nude legally she jumped at the chance!

With one password you can watch Little Lexie and all of her teenage friends as they experiment with sex. They have just one stipulation… that you show them how much you like looking at their naked bodies!

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The sweet looking blonde with big blue eyes on the right is Little Lexie. The other hot blue eyed blonde on the left is Little Summer. Put these two together and it doesn’t take long for the sparks to start flying!

These two teenagers have an electric attraction to one another. They have so much in common from eye color to their small tits. Both have a firm little booty. Both have bare pussies so tight and smooth you’d think they weren’t legal!

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Time to drown myself in teens!

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I was wondering what to put here when my girlfriend walked in and commented on this photo. She said it reminded her of her first time with another girl. The other girl was going to “show her something” that would make her feel awesome. Like she was on drugs, only it was a natural high.

Up until that moment my girlfriend had never had an orgasm. She didn’t even masturbate. After that encounter she began rubbing herself thinking about that girl every night before going to sleep!

Little Lexie is the type of small tits girl that shows other girls an experience they will never forget. Some might call her a trouble maker. I call her God’s gift to girls and boys alike!

Being a bisexual teenager means Little Lexie gets what she wants whether or not she hooks up with a boy. Sometimes she even gets the best of both worlds when a couple decides to take her up on her offer. How cool is that?

You can watch Little Lexie and all of her exploits, plus get unlimited access to all of her friends like Little Lara, Tobie Teen, three more legal bait friends and a multi-girl site Cock Rocking Teens!

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chloe-18/6353/teen.htm” target=”_blank”>chloe18-girls-kissing.kimmy

Two of my favorite little cuties performing my favorite thing in the whole wide world. teen girls kissing! The blonde is Kimmy and she also goes by Little Lexie. The brunette is Chloe 18 and you can get her and all of her chloe-18/6353/teen.htm” target=”_blank”>small tits friends with a ” target=”_blank”>Tiny Teen Pass!

It is my hope that some day both of these hotties will have their sites on the same network pass, but until then, you can enjoy plenty of Kimmy (Lexie) on the ” target=”_blank”>Tiny Teen Pass sites like Little Summer and Teen Topanga. This little cutie really gets around!

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If there is one thing college parties have over high school ones it is girls kissing. There are usually tons of girls willing to kiss each other after adding a little bit of alcohol at a college party. It wouldn’t surprise me if somebody released a study that found college guys buy cell phones with cameras and/or capable of shooting video just to capture these tender moments!

Little Lexie can be found all over the ” target=”_blank”>Tiny Teen Pass network. She gets very fresh with Little Summer and Teen Topanga over there. With a password to you get to see her doing hardcore! She also gets fresh with her friends like Tobie Teen and Little Laney!

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