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Posted By Teen Porn on 12/02/10 - Write A Comment!


Girls are a fickle bunch. Guys on the other hand, we’ll fuck anywhere, anytime and just about anyone! Why do I bring this up? Well, because Tammy Tate is sitting on a toilet and I have to say, she is making it look like a wonderful place to have sex!

My ex-wife would never fuck on a toilet. That dumb bitch thought it stank even if it was brand new and never used. So banging her inside a restroom wasn’t going to happen. Tammy Tate on the other hand, she is an open minded teen willing to screw you any where you can both get into position!

Along with Tammy Tate you also get access to her friends sites. Both Brittany’s Bod and Meggan Powers feature hot babes. Meggan also features some sweet small tits and does hardcore!

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