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Posted By Teen Porn on 02/05/08 - Write A Comment!
Schoolgirl tight shaved pussy

Holy shit, does this photo ever bring me back!

Reminds me of the time that I saw my first pussy. Up close and personal. It also demonstrates why I became a sucker for schoolgirls.

I was in high school and my buddy and his sister went to Catholic schools. They had to dress up in the rediculous outfits. Well.. His was rediculous. Hers was hotter than hell itself!

I got lucky one day when his sister wanted to read a paper to me that she had written. She sat in her chair with her feet up on her bed while I lay on her bed listening. By the second page I was getting bored and looked over at her to tell her I was done. What I saw changed my mind immediately.

His sister apparently had forgotten that she was wearing a skirt and it had ridden up to the middle of her thighs as she was bopping away in the chair reading her, now wonderful, paper. Her cotton panties were old and the elastic had gone out of them. This allowed the crotch to fall out of the way partly. I had a perfect view of her pussy.

Just then she had reached the end of her paper and started to drop her legs and turn around towards her desk. I panicked. I started asking her questions from what I vaguely remembered to keep her there. It worked. She continued to bounce around and I continued to record the site of her bare pussy into my brain. She was on the swim team so she kept that schoolgirl pussy trimmed. A perfect peach!

Melissa Matters has that same spunky charm that my friend’s sister had and an identical rocking body. Unlike my friend’s sister, Melissa Matters lacks moral bondage and is completely open about her sexuality.

Members of get access to her high resolution pics. Sure, every site out there has big pictures, but it isn’t enough to just have big pictures. You have to have a hot model with a flawless pussy and sweet set of tits to make all of the extra pixels worth it.

In addition to the pics, Melissa Matters likes to masturbate on video. She uses her fingers and a vast assortment of toys. She even does webcam videos and they get as explicit as they can possibly get. Put them altogether and you have two to three updates a week and we haven’t even gotten to the extras yet! also has wallpapers, special guest galleries, calendars and her personal supply of candid photos and videos. This girl loves to take pictures of herself and those pics make the candid pictures found on Myspace look G-rated. Members get live 24/7 chat, access to her friends webcams and her personal mailing address!

So what are you waiting for? It is time to pay this schoolgirl a visit!

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Melissa Matters

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