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Posted By Teen Porn on 10/23/07 - Write A Comment!
Big Tits Teen

Ohh momma-mia… Mia Crush is one hot babe!

OK, so she goes against the grain of RhinosGirls usual tiny tits, petite, barely legal teen girls… Mia Crush is the opposite end of the spectrum for sure. So lets break this down.

Mia has some very big tits. You could say that they are huge tits. I like them because they are real tits. They are the New York cheese cake at the buffet table. And if they are the cheese cake, her ass must be the rich dark chocolate cake. So thick it almost chokes you.

Notice how Mia’s pink panties disappear in the flesh around her hips. Now imagine your fingers in there with her on top. Her big tit in your mouth. A nipple so big it smothers you. Something she chuckles at and then pulls it away long enough for you to gulp down some air before she smothers you with her tits all over again.

Mia’s clit is so big you can feel it on the base of your cock. Feel it as she mashes it into you as she approaches a massive orgasm. You know what they say, "The bigger they are, the harder they cum!" Being an expert in the art of love making you run your tongue over her nipple in tempo with her cock rubbing clit. She cums so loud you wonder how often the cops show up at this chicks house?

At 5’2" with 36D’s Mia takes plus sized to a whole new level. A girl this big, this hot and this sexy uses her size as a form of art. At 19 years old her skin is soft and smooth. The kind of smooth you don’t normally see on girls with hips this big. dares you to test the boundries of how big a girl can get and still be red hot.

When you get your password you don’t just get Mia naked, you get 100’s of other girls to look at. Photos are updated several times a week. Videos are updated weekly and already include hundreds of college girl videos!

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Mia Crush

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