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Posted By Teen Porn on 05/05/21 - Write A Comment!

You know when you are at the mall and those cute teens are walking around in their super tight clothing that shows off just about everything they have got? Well, at MPL Studios you can take things a step further. Instead of having to put up with undressing them with your eyes and your imagination, you can actually see them naked – in all of their teenage glory!

Take Linda Chase for example. She shot with MPL Studios early in her career. Sure she was legally able to do so, but just barely. In this outfit her pussy has a hard time with the munchies. If she got wet looking at a guy (or a girl) everybody would know. This is the kind of outfit you don’t wear on bad pollen days or you’ll sneeze yourself into embarrassment. Linda has one heck of a rocking teen body. She was made for fucking! Some prudish women might think this outfit was put together just to show off her beautiful cleft of Venus, but you can find cute girls at the mall rocking even tighter outfits as they show off their lack of muff! As you can see Linda’s little tits stand at attention and don’t sag at all. Did I mention she is barely legal?

As you can see, Linda Chase likes a shaved pussy. She does such a good job at giving herself a shave that you would think she couldn’t grow hair down there. Eating her little snatch would be like sucking on a cool peach on a hot summer day in Georgia!

You can see more of Linda Chase with a discount to MPL Studios for up to 73% off and get access to all of her galleries. You won’t find her there as Linda though, back then she shot as Aida. Under that name you will find no less than 13 hot galleries of her and two tasty videos!

So the next time you are all hot and bothered after a day at the mall, cool off with Linda and her juicy peach!

Posted By Teen Porn on 05/04/13 - Write A Comment!

[nggallery id=12]

She might be holding on to a pear, but Tianna from MPL Studios is as sweet as a peach. Her boobs are pretty big, but also pretty perky for their size. She has a mixture of girl next door qualities and drop dead gorgeous babe qualities. Her pussy is so fucking hot and pink. I would tongue fuck that hole of hers for hours. It really looks that yummy.

If you have never heard of MPL Studios I suggest you take their tour. The site has hundreds of models and each one of them is hotter than the last. Their girl on girl galleries are testament to the idea of something being larger than the sum of its parts. They aren’t doubly hot. They are triple wide, triple dog dare, three run Jimmy Jack hot!

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Check them out for yourself!

Posted By Teen Porn on 10/01/12 - Write A Comment!


Lately I have been having a lot of users searching for young porn and I have to assume they are after natural looking girls with small tits. I found Elisa at one of my favorite erotic nude sit: MPL Studios.

What constitutes a favorite site for me you ask? It must have daily updates for one. I hate waiting around for my porn. Back in the day when modems were around waiting for porn was fine. Not anymore. These days I want my porn lightning fast and they have blazingly fast servers at MPL Studios.

Along with the speed I want high quality girls. I am not talking about bonafide porn models like Chloe 18 or Little Summer. I am talking about hot girls I could possibly have a chance in hell of fucking. Or have had a chance of fucking. I highly doubt Elisa is going to fuck me these days without a large sum of money changing hands, but back in my day, I’d have had no problem getting her to cozy up to my cock.

Find hundreds of small tits teens at MPL Studios and get used to having something to do on a daily basis.

Posted By Teen Porn on 04/08/12 - Write A Comment!


Easter is upon us and what better way to spend it then in the company of little angels like Sienna from MPL Studios?

This little nymph is about as angelic as they come. She is very easy on the eyes with her perky little boobs and that cute little bum. Sienna has a sweetness you cannot fake. It can’t be painted on with makeup. You either have it or you don’t and Sienna has it!

At MPL Studios they find little angels like Sienna and portray them in all of their beauty. This is nude photography as an art form. I was always a big fan of the Playboy Magazine’s college girls issues. They featured real girls like Sienna and MPL Studios is loaded with them!


They have a huge members area that has been updating daily for years. There are hundreds of videos and thousands of photo updates. Each video is encoded to be able to play on every Apple product, Android phones, regular cell phones, laptops, computers and even on Internet ready TVs!

MPL Studios also switches things up a lot. Some girls are shaved bare and others are hairy and natural. Many have small tits and hundreds have big tits. They have blonde girls, brunette girls, redheads, ravens and colors akin to Easter eggs!

Take the tour and check out the awesome deal on yearly memberships at MPL Studios!

Posted By Teen Porn on 07/17/11 - Write A Comment!


So I was surfing the net pretty much the same way you do. Looking for something free, will settle for something relatively cheap if the quality is there. And I happen upon Talia from MPL Studios.

Talia has some small tits, well, make that tiny tits, and a very petite frame. Coupled with her round face they will have guys wondering if she is jailbait for many years to come.


I have been a member of hundreds of sites throughout my porn lifetime. I have seen many girls come up and fall down. with some of them coming up again. Out of all of the sites out there the erotic nude sites are by far the best. The girls are vibrant, healthy and excited to show their naked bodies off!

Just look at that facial expression on Talia. She couldn’t be happier. Now that this dream of hers is fulfilled there will be more to come. That is how the world works. People that obtain their goals get rewarded with bigger and better goals.


This photo needs a caption that says: 20 Minute Parking Only. You Aren’t The Only One That Wants To Tap That Ass and Cup Those Teen Boobs!


MPL Studios has hundreds of models with a slant towards finding that girl next door with the small tits and a very tight pooter. There are hundreds of movies and hundreds of thousands of photos. They update daily and most girls do several photo sets and videos to heat your night up!

Find more small tits girls by taking the MPL Studios tour!

Posted By Teen Porn on 12/31/10 - Write A Comment!


In order to get a set of small tits and puffy nipples like this on a barely legal girl you have to pick her right at the peak of freshness. Not too ripe, not too nubile. she has to be juuuuusssst riiiiiight!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get all of your puffy nipple nubiles in the same friggin place? Alas, that is not possible. So get ready to plunk down some cash for MPL Studios.

Who are they? They got their start in 2003. Back when the Internet was fresh. like their girls! They have categories like extra-small breasts and puffy nipples. They update daily. They shoot in HD. Need I say more?

Posted By Teen Porn on 12/16/10 - Write A Comment!


So many things go through my mind when I look at the picture above that I don’t even know where to start. This girl looks like some kind of elven maiden. What is she doing dressed like that in the snow? Well, I guess we already know the answer to that. She’s heating things up!

Her name is Masha and she is posing for MPL Studios. Who are they? MPL Studios started in 2003. They feature daily updates and generally try to find barely legal girls in the nubile niche. They also shoot college aged girls in the erotic nude format.

Images can be downloaded as ZIPs and go from 1200 pixels to 3000. The videos at MPL Studios go from mobile versions at 176×144 with smartphones at 498×280 up to full 1280×720 HD in WMV, DIVx and MOV. For those with unlimited bandwidth they also have 1920×1080 HD!

The site is softcore and many of the girls masturbate in their videos. If you are looking for something soft and cuddly, MPL Studios has her!

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