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Posted By Teen Porn on 02/23/11 - Write A Comment!

I have been getting a lot of requests for hardcore teen sex videos lately so I figured I’d throw one into today’s update.

For a split second I looked at the girl riding that cock and she reminded me of the younger daughter on One Day At A Time. God, I always wanted to bang that chick!

Anyway. Cassie from My 18 Teens is a great example of the naked girls you should be getting used to seeing. Why should you be "getting" used to seeing them you ask? Because at they update on a daily basis with both videos and pics! They also add new models monthly so you never get the same old dry dog food!

About 99% of the naked girls at My 18 Teens have small tits. The site delves into your sickest teen fantasies from banging the babysitter in the ass to reliving those fun times when you and a buddy tag teamed the same girl!

The videos are encoded for easy playback on iPhones, iPods, PSPs, Android phones, regular cell phones from the 90’s, your laptop and more! They don’t use any screwy codecs or digital rights management bullshit so you can keep watching your downloaded videos even if you cancel!

With several servers located in various locations throughout the world the speeds are fucking amazing. If you live in Romania you get the same fast downloads as Hong Kong, New York or Seattle. God I love the Internet!

Got some sick fantasies you’d like to explore? My 18 Teens is your personal roadmap to enjoying them!

Posted By Teen Porn on 12/16/10 - Write A Comment!


Pleasure. That is what it is all about.

We join teen sites like My 18 Teens because we enjoy watching young girls with small tits having pleasurable sex. We dream of being inside their tight little teenage pussies. Of cupping those small innocent breasts and feeling their hard nipples gripped between our fingers. We enjoy making their world fun!

My 18 Teens updates daily with new photos and videos. They find girls willing to do the things your own girlfriend or wife won’t! New updates also include new models and many of the models come back for an encore performance or two. or three or five!

All of the videos are encoded to work on cell phones, iPhones, Macs and Windows machines. You don’t need any special codecs and there are no digital rights management so you can watch your videos even if you cancel your membership to!

At My 18 Teens they have a strict policy on girls ages. None of the girls are shot after they surpass the age of twenty-one. These are the high school seniors and the college coeds you dream of banging!

Sure, not every girl on the site is a 10. or even a 5! But with daily updates and new models added monthly I am sure you will find more than a few favorites!

Posted By Teen Porn on 11/21/09 - Write A Comment!


Remember the days when teen sites were populated with real teenagers? Boy, those where the days, huh?

Well, those days are back and is literally loaded with hot, young, barely legal TEENS!

The small tits girl above reminds me of quite a few girls I once dated and banged. I am a lot older now. While I would never bang a girl in college it doesn’t hurt to keep your dreams alive. That is why I go to My 18 Teens. To keep the fire burning!

Sure, I could go to a hooker and pay $25 and get a pretty decent blowjob and she might even have all of her teeth and not have an STD. There are a lot of variables in that scenario though. Variables I am not OK with. At My 18 Teens I can fantasy bang hundreds of girls and not only do I avoid sexually transmitted diseases, but I also can do it for relatively cheap!

Did I mention the girls on My 18 Teens do just about anything? Including anal! My ex-girlfriends never did that. Of course porn wasn’t on the Internet so they had no way of knowing it was OK to do. Now every girl out there is shaving her beaver bald and doing anal. At My 18 Teens I can pretend and not get my cock all messy. Nice!

My 18 Teens features daily update. They add new models every month and many of the models do several videos and photo sets. With several servers located in several different countries, is going to be blazing fast no matter where you live!

Downloads are unlimited. Videos are encoded for multiple bandwidth speeds and multiple player types, such as, iPod, Windows Media Player, Quicktime, mobile phones, etc.

All of the small tits models at My 18 Teens are between the ages of 18 and 21. The Rhino loves that!

Posted By Teen Porn on 08/12/09 - Write A Comment!


All over the world barely legal teens are experimenting with sex. With the help of some very perverted guys at My 18 Teens you can be rest assured these girls are learning just about everything there is to know.

Take the small tits girls above. They are so fresh they still wear matching print panty/bra combos. These are just the type of moldable girls any man would hope to find underneath the Christmas tree. or the bed sheets!

The teen sex videos are My 18 Teens are shot very high quality and so are the pics. The girls are 98% fuckable with a few butter face ones thrown in for guys that prefer that. Crazy sons of bitches!

This is not some softcore site. My 18 Teens has it all. Everything from teen girls masturbating like they normally do when alone in their bedrooms or in the bathtub to girls going hardcore double penetration. And not some used up, washed up girls. HOT SMALL TITS GIRLS!

Take the tour and scroll down 2 or 3 episodes. Look at the blonde girls doing double penetration. Fuck me! If only a friend and I could have been so lucky back in high school!

My 18 Teens has teen group sex. Older men fucking younger teens. Teens taking it anal. Lesbians. And best of all, daily updates!

All of the content on My 18 Teens is encoded for a variety of formats. You can stream with your browser and never have to download or you can download and watch the movies anytime you want to! Movies come in Windows Media Player, iPhone, iPod, Mobile Phone, Mac and more!

No matter what your bandwidth level is, My 18 Teens has you covered there too. They encode everything in multiple bit rates, file sizes and resolutions. My 18 Teens even has multiple servers located all over the world so you can be sure to download at the fasted speed possible!

My 18 Teens is serving up some hot 18 to 21 year old small tits girls and if you haven’t experienced the quality, now is the time to try!

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