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Most guys in high school assume girls don’t masturbate. In fact, they believe they are the only ones. Nothing can be further from the truth and you’d be surprised what lengths most girls would go to hit the big O!

I once dated a girl that swore up and down that she didn’t masturbate and she even went as far as to say it was gross. She had me totally convinced. Then one day I was out rummaging around the trails behind our houses and low and behold, who do I see? None other than Miss Prissy, "I don’t masturbate", herself!

She was kneeling behind a tree and working her clit. It seemed like she was watching something in front of her and whatever it was, she couldn’t take her steely little eyes off of it. I moved through a shadowy mass of trees so I could see what she was looking at and get a better shot of her front side.

There in a small clearing was a couple only a few years older than we were and the girl was sucking the guys dick porn star style. She was really going to town on him and guess what? This crazy bitch was frigging herself off too!

I moved towards my girlfriend a bit more and now I could see her really working herself into a frenzy. For a bit I contemplated what to do. Should I let her know I was there watching? Should I attempt to have sex with her? No, she’d be too surprised and probably scream loud enough to get the attention of her exhibitionists.

Having moved back behind her I waited until she was done. Watching her orgasm was amazing. She was kneeling down and propping herself up with one hand on a tree. She almost fell over!

Once she finished masturbating she started back down the trail towards our houses. I had already positioned myself between her and the neighborhood, and once she got about thirty feet down the trail I stepped out from behind some tall grass and bushes.

She didn’t know I was watching her and tried to act like nothing was up. As I reached out to her she put her hand in mine. Probably thinking we’d walk back home hand in hand. Instead I pulled her to a stop and held her hand up to my nose. I could smell the sweet smell of her pussy juice all over her fingers!

"What are you doing?" She asked.

"I saw what you did." I responded.

"What are you talking about?" She stammered.

"I watched you watch that couple as she sucked his cock and you were frigging your clit. Don’t try to deny it. You were kneeling right next to that tree!" I pointed in the direction of where she was kneeling.

She tried to defend herself and I pulled her hand up to her nose. She could smell herself on her fingers and she went super red. I then pulled her into the thick grass and we found a meadow of our own. Next, I unzipped my pants while pulling her down to her knees with my other hand. My cock flopped out in front of her face and she looked at me with a pleading look.

"You know you want to do it and I’ll do you after. Now suck!" I commanded.

She started out slow, but after a few minutes she was working my cock the same way she saw the other girl do it. It didn’t take long for my hot goo to spurt out and she pulled back once it started hitting the back of her throat. More cum drizzled out and began hitting her small tits. Just then we heard some boys coming down the trail and we hid.

It looked like my blowjob was going to be a freebie!

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