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Posted By Teen Porn on 08/24/07 - Write A Comment!
My Sex Life

Well, Labor Day is just around the corner and what better way to spend it than looking at tits and ass? Don’t answer that because if you don’t reply tits and ass you are gay and this blog doesn’t do gay… sorry!

OK… I have just been informed there is indeed another way to enjoy this holiday… A BBQ, some cigars, cold beer and pussy at the end of the night. I guess I will have to make an exception!

Normally I would say, back to business, but that last comment hit the business nail on the head. The girl above is named Lori Anderson and she has one hell of a pussy. All business aside, you really should click her picture above and check it out.

Fucking tight pussy huh? I told you!

Lori Anderson got her start in porn in the Hustler’s Beaver Hunt. The crazy shit is that I remember her! I don’t have any of my old Hustlers anymore but the year was either 1998 or ’99. She was hot then and she is even hotter now!

At everything is amateur. That is good because it reflects the fact that Lori is a hometown honey! The type of girl you can pick up in any bar, in any-town – USA. I prefer these chicks to the usual pornstar bullshit mass-porn-media shoves down our throats. Have you seen Jenna Jameson lately? Fucking retarded fool. God gave her a picture perfect body and she fucked it up like Michael Jackson! I’d take Lori Anderson over her any day.

Members of My Sex Life get access to a huge and ever growing archive of this amateur pornstar’s videos and picture sets. If you pay extra for a live one-on-one webcam show with her you get access to her bedroom telephone number and the bedroom web cam feed. Talk about up close and personal! This lady knows how to service a guy, huh?

The weekend is here and you have been jacking off to the same old bitch for a while now… and I am not talking about your wife! You owe it to yourself to get back to the girl next door type and give Lori Anderson some of your hard earned money!

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