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Wow. That picture of /” target=”_blank”>Little Bree really brings back some memories of good times. They centered around a girl that lived a few doors down from me. Her family had a pool and I used to sped a lot of time over there. One look at her small tits and I am sure you can see why!

Her parents were very trusting of her. perhaps way too trusting. We played games and they usually centered around being nude. While most kids were playing Marco-Polo with their swimsuits on, we thought it was much more fun to play with them off.

We played other games like daring one another to walk around the front yard naked. First we only darted out and back into the backyard, taking only seconds. Then we got bold and walked around, tagged a farther and farther away tree, and other progressively longer tasks.

Eventually we’d end up on her side yard checking each other out. She was always interested in my hardened penis and I was always interested in how wet she got when we played our games.

One day my /” target=”_blank”>Little Bree look-a-like decided to show me her clit. She had just found it herself the night before and wanted to show me what happens when she played with it.

She sat on the edge of a planter and leaned against the wall. Her legs were parted wide so I could get a good look. I could tell this was making her super wet. Her pussy was very moist and glistened in the sun.

As she rubbed her button her eyes closed and her mouth opened. Her breathing got harder and she started moving her legs all over the place. My dick got super hard watching her!

After about a minute of rubbing herself she opened her eyes and fixed her gaze on my cock. Her breathing was getting really heavy now.

“You can squeeze your dick and it will feel like I feel,” she suggested.

Without hesitation and acted on the invitation. I was surprised at how good it felt to rub myself. Before long we were both moving in unison. Our breathing got very heavy and we both orgasmed.

A few minutes later and we were both in the pool, fully clothed. When her mom and dad got back from the store they had no idea about what we had done. That made things even more exciting!

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