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Posted By Teen Porn on 12/21/09 - Write A Comment!


I expect we will see a lot more of this kind of thing in 2010. With XMAS right around the corner girls are going to be receiving cell phones that take better pictures than most point and shoot cameras. Not to mention a large majority of them will be receiving cameras too.

It is a digital world out there. My girlfriend and I took some naughty pics once. Back in the day. You had to send out your pictures to get proc-essed back then. I have to admit, we fully expected to find the police waiting for us at the pickup location.

Our pics sucked. Lighting was shit and this was before the digital age where Photoshop could have fixed that little issue. Some color correction and a sharpening filter and our pics would have been perfect. Who am I kidding? I fapped to those pics thousands of times after running them through the digital filters in my head!

Today its different. Girls can snap pics at a whim. Hide them on a micro flash drives the size of a finger nail. Delete them, change them, trade them at will. And they do!

First she sends them to her boyfriend. Then perhaps she finds one her friend forgot to delete. She shows her friend her own. She becomes obsessed. What was a one time pic to the boyfriend becomes an all out self-shot fetish!

She does cute ones. She does naughty ones. She does artsy ones. She borrows her friend Emo wig and does her makeup in one. She buys bras based on how they look in her pics (I think the blue bra is adorable!) and you know she has to test them out at the store. In the stall. Imagine the lady in the next stall over when the flash keeps going off. WTF?

Obsessed With Myself is like a confession box for these girls. They can upload their pics and see what the guys think. See what other girls think. What started out as a bit of trial and error has turned into a growing community of girls obsessed with taking their own sexy pics!

As a member you get access to thousands of girls. Some girls become so obsessed they have dozens to hundreds of pics they have sent in. Most are one-hit-wonders. Sent in by an ex-boyfriend or a shy girl. Then again, its the shy ones you have to watch out for. they usually are the ones that become the most obsessed once they see the reaction they get!

“What? Hundreds of guys actually think I am sexy? At my school I am just another girl. Here on Obsessed With Myself I am a goddess. Guys can’t stop voting for me!”

Bam! She is hooked. The updates keep flowing in. It’s great!

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