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Posted By Teen Porn on 04/09/08 - Write A Comment!

The idea is a novel one. Only opaque pantyhose like those worn by Kate Booth above make it into the site. I particularly like this idea and I love the layout of Only Opaques. It totally reminds me of a clothing catalog. Boy, if that comment doesn’t open up a can of worms, aye?

Let’s delve into that and forget about those big tits Kate is sporting shall we?

Unless you are part of the small percentage of teens that didn’t use a JCPenny’s Catalog as jack off material, you can easily see how Only Opaques hits a certain excitable nerve in the sexual psyche of American males.

Like I said, feels so much like a catalog it almost feels like you are shopping for your significant other. In reality you are forgetting about her and shopping for the perfect fantasy girl to make all of your troubles go away… for a short while.

Everything is bright. The colors, the lighting and the mood. The girls next door, the babes and the women are all hot. Or is it just that properly coordinated clothes give you that impression? No… You get to see them naked and even without their stockings and pantyhose they are still 100% fuck material.

In real life, if there is such a thing anymore, ladies in the office that wear opaque pantyhose or opaque stockings are often the more sexually liberal of the bunch. They don’t mind flirting and, in fact, they often initiate the contact. They flaunt their covered legs and invite long stares. You end up being the one feeling embarrassed and judging by their coy smiles they enjoy making you squirm.

Kate Booth stuck out at me for some reason. It is a mixture of things I guess. Staying with the pantyhose for one more paragraph before the tits; I think it is how her panties show from beneath her pantyhose. I had a few girlfriends that liked to wear opaque pantyhose and dammit if I didn’t enjoy the view of their panties through them. The girls always wondered about me. I always wanted them to keep them on during foreplay so I can see them. Feel them.

One girlfriend of mine in particular had tits like Kates. Once those bouncing breasts came out, it was time to readdress my priorities. You don’t see many racks like those in school! Two big tits so large they take two hands per tit to hold them. Even then, I couldn’t cover an entire boob! No problem though, that left room for my mouth to lock onto those silver dollar nipples.

Sure, I talk about small tits a lot on my blog but, occasionally it is nice to visit the other side of the tracks.

Along with big natural tits, Kate has big natural hips. Together they make her look smoking hot! I get so sick and tired of chicks putting fake tits on a small frame. The fake tits part and sit under their arms when the bra comes off and generally just look disproportionate to the rest of their bodies. Small frame, small tits. Seems like a no brainer to me.

Only Opaques updates daily. The images are 3000 pixels wide. Perfect for this niche. If only those old catalogs had pics in this resolution! There are 111 models in 204 videos. Each model will often do more than one image set and some do more than one video. Gemma has three videos!

Niches like this would be nothing without the fans. That is why Only Opaques has an active members forum where guys and gals from around the world discuss their favorites and sometimes post from their private collection of photos.

This is more than just a porn site. This is an experience!

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