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Posted By Teen Porn on 08/19/11 - Write A Comment!


Seven years ago a girl named Emily 18 had the courage to stand out. With some help from a friend she opened up one of the first solo model sites to feature a real-life teen model. Prior to Emily 18 all of the “teen” models on the Internet were noticeably into their mid to late twenties. After her? A bouquet of barely legal models blossomed!

Right away grew a large fan base. Guys (and girls) couldn’t get enough of Emily. Her small tits are so fluffy and light. Her bouncy attitude and demeanor can make you feel younger just by watching her videos!

It has been seven glorious years and Emily 18 is still releasing new content. While we have all added almost a decade to our receding hairlines Emily 18 hasn’t aged much at all. She still passes for jailbait!

So if Emily is still passing for jailbait right now, how old do you think she looked seven years ago? I just had a thought. Back then, Emily 18 looked a lot like Alyssa Milano‘s character on Who’s The Boss?. If you want a more definitive answer to that question, go read the Alyssa Milano Wikipedia entry. Although her role in Commando is probably closer.

Anyway. Emily 18 has seven years of archives waiting for you!



emily11 updates several times a week with fresh new content. She doesn’t regurgitate old stuff. Emily actually works hard on her site and is not a contract model. Her site is her baby! Now it is time to make Emily 18 a happy part of your life!

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