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Posted By Teen Porn on 08/23/13 - Write A Comment!


If you think girls don’t do this sort of thing in real life you live underneath a rock. I know I was shocked the first time I went on a play date with the daughter of one of my mom’s friends. Within one minute of us being in the room alone she was stripping her Barbie dolls down and making them fuck each other. Back then I didn’t even understand the concept, but this girl sure as hell did!

Not only did this girl introduce me to sex through playing Barbies, she also let it be known to me that she enjoyed humping her stuffed teddy bears. One of which was a huge panda bear her father got for her at a carnival. Suddenly it clicked. That is why the girls eyes light up when they get their hands on the prize.

With a WTF Pass you can ask yourself what the fuck all day long. Their sites have some pretty creepy themes. It is all in good fun though. Plus, it isn’t like girls don’t do these things in private.

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