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Posted By Teen Porn on 06/03/10 - Write A Comment!


I knew a girl that looked a lot like Lil Emma above. She loved to wear t-shirts with panties and I guess when she originally started wearing them, the shirts were a bit bigger on her. Now they were a bit to short. If ya know what I mean ;)

Lil Emma‘s parents were good friends with my parents so we were treated like brother and sister all our lives. Big mistake! On one fateful day Emma and I became pretty curious about each other!

I was sitting on the couch behind her and she was lying on the floor facing the TV. We were both pretty engrossed in our homework and weren’t paying much attention to one another. Then it happened. A glint of white, barely a hint, but enough to give birth to my obsession with looking up my neighbors skirt.

Something came over me, I couldn’t take my eyes off of Lil Emma and her white panties. They were made of powder blue satin and had some frilly white lace around the legs. I had to move my schoolbooks to the side because they were hurting my straining prick!

While I watched intently, Emma scissor kicked her legs back and forth which made her shirt hem edge up more and more. Pretty soon that tiny glimpse turned into a full blown peep show!

Every once in a while Lil Emma reached back and itched herself on or near where her panties covered. On one pass she pushed her panties into her crack. With her scissor kicks still going the movement caused her panties to edge up a full centimeter into her pussy!

By this point my dick felt like it would burst and I began to unconsciously rub it through my shorts.

Lil Emma was giving me quite a show and I was trying to take it all in. The softness of her panties, the outline of her pussy crack, the way her butt cheeks flexed and the rolling of her hips. My hand figured out that the  leg of my shorts can be pulled up quite a bit and that I could fully stroke myself to this wonderful sight. My brain didn’t register what my hand was saying, but that didn’t stop my hand from taking matters into its own. you know the drill.

My breathing became rapid and I started closing my eyes for short periods of time as my pace quickened on my cock. When I opened my eyes to grab another dose of teenage upskirt I was horrified by what I saw. While I was in my self-induced masturbation coma, Emma had turned around and moved so that she was standing on her knees right in front of me!

Adrenelin kicked in and time seemed to slow to a crawl. It was as if my neighbor were moving in slow motion. I had time to think and process the situation. She wasn’t mad, I could see it in her face. She was interested, engrossed – with what my hand was doing to my cock. This girl liked what she was seeing!

With that little tid-bit of information I was off to the races. She seemed even more enthralled and I had to stop abruptly or I was going to shoot gobs of cum all over her tits. Her tits! Emma didn’t like to wear bras so her nipples were always pressing on them.

Lil Emma sensed something was amiss and remembered what comes next. She took off her panties and wrapped them around my cock. The soft sensations the satin were creating made me twitch. Emma noticed some pre-cum had moistened her panties and she used the fingers of her other hand to brush the wet panties over my cock head.

One. Two. Three. Four.


I came harder then I had ever cum before. Emma shrieked and flinched at the sight of my jiz straining through the fabric of her panties.

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