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Posted By Teen Porn on 12/18/10 - Write A Comment!

Alyssa Taylor1

Leave it to the good old boys at Panty Jobs to pair my two favorite things together. Hot girls getting in and out of their skimpy panties and hot girls giving mind blowing pantyjobs!

Alyssa Taylor has perky small tits and some of the most electrifying blue eyes in the industry. Her body was made for sex. Literally. it was made for sex!

Having a girl work your cock with a pair of panties is an art form. Your cock is the bull and her panties are the red cloth. First she toys with the bull for a while, getting him all riled up! Then she goes in for the kill and the cum spurts and gushes out of it!

Alyssa Taylor

Panty Jobs updates weekly and shoots all of the pantyjobs in the point of view style. It is like you are there having her rub that soft material all over your throbbing cock! Pantyjobs is one of the few niches where you can literally play along just by sneaking some of your wife’s panties into the computer room!

As if things couldn’t get any better, is giving you access to their sister sites featuring more hot niches like lipstick, secretaries, cheerleaders and soccer babes! Why go to college when you can have all of that hot teenage pussy with just a few mouse clicks?

Posted By Teen Porn on 08/10/10 - Write A Comment!


I would be the first to admit that I don’t do many reviews with black girls in them. It isn’t because I am a racist, in fact, I am an equal opportunity small tits fucker! The problem is the whole supply and demand issue. Not that there isn’t enough demand, I get tons of searches for girls like Kiss Promise… The problem is supply! There simply aren’t many ebony teens in the industry that are cute enough to grace the pages of Rhino’s Girls!

Layla from is plenty cute enough to get a review here. Her skin is a light mocha and as soft as can be. Her small tits are perky and she has some sweet nipples.

Watch the free Panty Jobs video above and pay special attention towards the end. She uses a technique where she sandwiches your cock between a tight pair of soft panties and an even softer, wetter set of pussy lips. It’s enough to make your cock go BOOM!

Posted By Teen Porn on 06/07/10 - Write A Comment!

If you have never received a panty job from a teen hottie you don’t know what you are missing. I am a lucky fucker in that I have been blessed with having received panty jobs for just about my entire post-puberty life!

Even to this day I get them from my current girlfriend. This shot of Mandy from reminded me of one I received just the other day. My GF wore an equally see through pair of panties and gave me quite a show even before the touching started!

While panty jobs are great, Thong Jobs can be even better. Click the pic above and you can quickly see why. The view from the back is amazing and thongs tend to move over easier so they don’t saw through your cock (especially when lace is concerned).

Thong Jobs has been open for four years and they shoot their panty job videos in HD. The models are smoking hot and really know how to tease (and finish the deed!). Take the tour and check out the quality, as well as, the quantity of panty job videos!

Posted By Teen Porn on 03/25/10 - Write A Comment!


When was the last time a college girl put on a bra and panty set and road you properly? Shit, personally I’d even settle for my old lady doing so, but you know how that goes. She doesn’t like to try anything “new” or do anything “out of the ordinary”.

PantyJobs has the kind of content you are looking for and don’t worry about your old lady. If she doesn’t realize this isn’t cheating she also won’t realize this site is holding your relationship together!

All of the girls on Panty Jobs are young and hot. They like to tease and they also like to please. Imagine a hot young girl wearing your favorite kind of panties and waving her ass like a panty billboard in front of you. Her only goal is to make you happy!

Ashley above just happens to be wearing my favorite kind of panty/bra set. Print, brightly colored and super soft. She always uses a fabric softener and keeps them warm for me by wearing them against her soft skin and small tits.

For six years Panty Jobs has been giving guys exactly what they crave. They feature 100% exclusive video content and tons of high resolution pics to really bring the fantasy home. Who knows, maybe your old lady will start taking some queues from the girls?

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