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If you have never heard of before don’t worry, you didn’t miss the boat or anything. While the URL has mysteriously disappeared you can still find all of the content – and more!

That is because the good old USA made the European owners of 18 Only Girls change their name to 18 Only Girls. I know. What the fuck right? The small tits girls are legal, do we really have to spell it out for people? Apparently in the US you do.

It seems the owners of the site were detained recently while traveling through the USA on their way to an adult convention in Canada. While here they faced a bevy of charges from underage prostitution to child pornography! Totally bullshit since neither crime was being committed. Then the prosecution offered them a deal. Change the name of your web site and this can all go away. After several weeks of confinement and being away from their families the owners were strong armed into complying.

You have to love a democratic republic!

So now we have 18 Only Girls and in order to spice things up a bit the owners of the site decided to wrap other sites in their network into it. 18 Only Girls is now bigger and badder than ever!

Take the tour and check out all of the young. legal. porn!

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