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Posted By Teen Porn on 12/06/10 - Write A Comment!

Taylor True Schoolgirl

Back when I was in school I was having a hard time making grades. My mom and pop got me a tutor and this chick was smoking hot. She was already in college so her womanly features were fully developed. I drooled over her when ever she came over and then masturbated every night to the video tapes of her I burned into my brain!

My tutor looked very much like Taylor True above. She wore white blouses and she kept the top three buttons undone. This often left me with a lot of cleavage to look at. She also had a habit of letting her skirt ride up a bit so that, from time to time, I was the happy recipient of panty shots of lots of butt cheek shots too!

I was so turned on by this girl that I completely lost focus on my schoolwork! I was masturbating two to three times a day dreaming of burying my face into her fleshy butt!

Taylor True picked up on this predicament and preferring to keep her job she hatched a plan to get me back on track. One night when my parents left to go to dinner and a movie Taylor let her skirt ride up more than usual and this time she was lying on her side with her legs parted!

“It’s hot in here. Do you feel hot?” Taylor asked me.

“Um, I dunno, I guess so,” came my reply.

“We should take off our shirts then. I usually do my homework in my bra anyway. It helps me concentrate.” Taylor suggested.

I didn’t know what to say. I just sat there looking at Taylor kind of dumbfounded. She started unbuttoning her blouse and then stopped and looked at me.


“Oh, yeah, sure.” I said as I removed my shirt.

When she laid back down her skirt was basically flipped up towards her stomach and I could make out her pussy slit from underneath her panties. My dick jumped into action!

“That better?” She asked me.

“Oh, yeah. Lots better.” I replied.

Every once in a while Taylor took her pen from her mouth and scratched near her pussy with it. Sometimes she even scratched where her panties covered! I spent about 56 seconds of every minute burning those pictures of her into my brain!

Each time Taylor True scratched herself she returned her pen to her mouth. Then she scratched under her panties. I knew her pen had to be touching her pussy and just like before, she put it right back into her mouth! My hardon was getting painfully hard now!

After several more minutes of this Taylor started writing something and then dropped her pen abruptly, slipping a finger inside her panties to scratch her pussy again. This time her finger was really far down there! When Taylor brought it back up I could see that it was glistening with her wetness and she began sucking on it!

I let out a “wuff” sound in my shock and she turned to me.

“Oh, I am sorry. Did you want a taste?” She asked.

I didn’t know how to answer that and I even thought some thoughts of not wanting to move because I didn’t want to be embarrassed if she saw my hardon. Here I just caught her tasting her own pussy and I was worried about her seeing that my dick was hard!

“Come here. I won’t bite.” Taylor commanded me coyly.

I put my books and papers to the side and slowly slithered off the couch in a way as to not allow my hardon to be noticed. She instantly realized what I was doing and made light of it.

“I’ll tell you what, you show me yours and I’ll shot you mine. How about that?” She asked.

Instead of answering her in a verbal manner I undid the buttons on my pants. I was a bit apprehensive since I figured I wouldn’t measure up to the guys I presumed she’d be dating in college.

“Keep goooo-ing.” She said as Taylor reached down and pulled her panties over just far enough that I could see her slit. Then she covered it back up.

That sent me over the edge and I pulled both my pants and my underwear down in one fine swoop. Taylor motioned for me to come closer to her head and also for me to get on my knees. Once I was close enough to her that she could grab me she pulled me down until my dick was resting right in front of her face.

“Oops, looks like somebody is getting a little excited!”

I looked down at my cock and it was dripping pre-cum. My face went beet red. I figured this wasn’t supposed to happen to guys with control, guys that had been laid before.

“I’m just going to have to take a little taste first if you don’t mind.”

With that Taylor stuck out her soft tongue and slowly ran it up my cock head. It was so warm and soft that my knees buckled. More pre-cum began to pool at the opening and she licked that up to.

“Now it’s your turn,” she said as she put one hand on my knee and the other on my opposing shoulder and pushed me down so I was laying the opposite way she was. She then grabbed my hardon and put the head in her mouth. I felt her tongue rolling around it and began to wonder what her pussy would look like.

I scooted in and put my elbow over her leg so I could kiss her pussy through her panties. I then pulled them to the side and was delighted to find a hairless slit waiting for me to lick. Knowing that clits are sensitive I started on her inner thigh and worked my way in. Taylor moaned!

Before long my tongue was parting her pussy cleft and I was tasting her juices. I spent some time around the hole at the bottom and eventually concentrated mostly on her clit. I could have came right then, but I wanted to burn this moment into my memory. I wanted it to last forever!

Then the garage door began to bang around and my parents could have been coming through the door at any minute! For Taylor True it was easy, just button a few buttons and sit correctly. I had to grab my pants and boxers and run for the restroom so I could put them on.

I heard her cover for me by telling my parents I had to use the “potty”. This actually worked in my favor because now I could take all of the time I wanted and I used it unloading my nuts into the toilet!

As it would turn out, Taylor’s plan backfired. Instead of my getting tired of her, I wanted to fuck her and gave up studying altogether! My parents caught on to my infatuation and fired Taylor True. They hired some fat chick with a gnarly facial mole to replace her. I about died!

Then I got an Email from my ex-tutor. It seems she enjoyed allowing me to voyeur her panties so much she decided to try it online. Taylor had created her own web site and she invited me to join. I had just turned eighteen and the first thing I did was go out and get a credit card. Finally me and my Taylor True could be together again!

You can bang Taylor and all of her friends with a Pink Velvet Pass. She does live cam shows where you can get one on one tutoring in any subject you like! Plus, you can do the same with her eight friends!

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