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Posted By Teen Porn on 10/13/09 - Write A Comment!

If there is one thing I learned in my years of being a pervert it is that the girl most likely to flash her pussy to you in a public setting and be a generally all-around fucktabulous sex partner, isn’t always the girl that is a stunner. Piper Fox isn’t exactly ugly, but she isn’t Megan Fox either. One thing is for sure, I bet you Megan isn’t going to give you the photo opportunity you see above!

That is because girls like Piper Fox are fun. They don’t have some bullshit image to live up to. We know they have flaws. Girls like Piper are aware of their own flaws. They also know they have some great pussy.

I have also learned another thing about these Piper Fox types. Where there are one, there are more. How many times have you been to the river and you find some Megan Fox types and they are a complete bore. They just want you to buy them drinks and be respectable. Fuck that!

The girls like Piper always have several friends with them and all of them consider drinking the first step in foreplay. Next comes flirting and possibly even some chicks kissing other chicks. Then you get to bang one of them all night long and if you play your cards right, you get to bang two!

Piper Fox brings along plenty of friends on her shoots and does a ton of them outdoors. You don’t have to fantasize about a girl flashing you her pussy, Piper Fox does that for you!

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