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Posted By Teen Porn on 07/26/10 - Write A Comment!


With the increasing levels of sexual content on the T.V. these days it is no wonder that girls are experimenting earlier and earlier with sex than ever before! Not that I am complaining. I enjoy watching small tits teens pleasure themselves, as well as, one another!

In this post we have Amanda Mirelli and her friend Polliana conducting experiments with food. If you don’t find two chicks licking whipped cream of each others nipples hot then you are definitely in the wrong place!

These girls get so curious Amanda has to know if strawberry juice will make Polliana’s already tasty bum even tastier! Conclusion: a big phat yes!

Memberships for Polliana, Amanda Mirelli and her sister Miranda run through Polliana’s web site and you get access to all of their content!

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