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Posted By Teen Porn on 11/05/10 - Write A Comment!


I have posted about this before, but it just came up again on one of the adult webmaster communities of which I am a member.

A man was arrested in Puerto Rico for possession of child porn on his laptop computer. His defense team found Little Lupe, as she is known, on Myspace and pleaded with her to travel to Puerto Rico in order to clear his good name. Like a true champ she went and “got him off”, so to speak.

Carlos Simon Timmerman owes 20 years of his life to Lupe Fuentes. Apparently the entire court was shocked when the “12yo little girl” in the video appeared suddenly at the back of the courtroom. According to court records a court appointed doctor was able to “factually” determine that the girl in the video was no older than twelve?!?!

You can watch all of the Little Lupe videos and see her photo sets along with all of her friends with a ” target=”_blank”>Tiny Teen Pass. Now that a precedent has been set, you can enjoy all of the Tiny Teen girls like Little Lupe, Little Summer, Trixie Teen and more without going to jail!

On a side note, Australia has decided to ban the use of small tits girls in porn. Pretty sad. It appears that all of the coed girls in college can no longer work in porn or even sext with their boyfriends because that is an electronic picture of a small tits WOMAN and is not allowed!

This is why I love America!

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