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Posted By Teen Porn on 02/28/06 - Write A Comment!
Public Flash Annie

OK, I don’t normally back up a post for a site with another post from the same site… But, I needed to make an exception for this one.

After I posted Layanna, the owner of got me on ICQ (which you can too, 16-112-4816 ) and asked me why I didn’t post a Public Flash video gallery. Lacking a good answer I filled in the blank with, "I Dunno."

He showed me some video of a girl named Annie (The girl above) and I couldn’t decide if I wanted to jack off or die laughing. Annie is a natural at public flashing and has no qualms about being nude infront of people. I think that public flashing video above is a good example.

You know that dude is saying, "Holy, be-Jesus, eh-Jole!"

But you really have to click on it and watch the videos. It is not only outrageous but also sexually exciting!

The description for the last clip in that set says it all, "Ooops, my dress fell down, can you please help me put it back on? Trust me, I don’t bite and neither does my pussy. Please?"

The guy walking by is pitching a pup tent and wondering how he got so fucking lucky to be in the right place at the right time. No matter how bad his day may have been going, it just got a lot brighter!

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