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Posted By Teen Porn on 08/15/06 - Write A Comment!
Raven Riley Fleshlight

So I am trolling along the internet looking for something that is Rhino’s Girls worthy and come across this gallery of Raven Riley giving a tutorial on Fleshlight usage. And I am thinking…. PERFECT!

Why so PERFECT? Well because the Fleshlight is God’s gift to man. You see, after God fucked up by plagueing man with women, God wised up and gave man a Fleshlight so he could get pussy without all of the extra baggage.

What if you don’t want pussy, maybe you want a blowjob? No problemo my friend, just switch out the vagina top with the mouth top and you are good to go.

Don’t have anyone to think about while you are shoving your cock into a Fleshlight? Well, why not get yourself a membership to the teen solo model site and watch her video on Fleshlights?! Like I said, PERFECT!

Never heard of Raven Riley? Shit, you must be in Siberia. Raven came on the scene right around Thanksgiving in 2004. She had one goal, kick ass and chew gum and she ran all out of gum right around Christmas that same year. In 2005 she basically kicked every solo models ass and in 2006 redefined what it means to be a teen solo model entirely.

Raven Riley hasn’t been open for two years yet and she already has 302 sets available. That means she has been adding new galleries every two days. That is a busy schedule but like I said, this girl is commited to being the best.

Currently Raven has 131 teen videos. In them Raven masturbates, has lesbian sex, gets fucked and Raven Riley even sucks dick. This isn’t one of those softcore no boobs, no ass, no vaginal shots websites. Raven Riley ranges from softcore sets to hardcore sets to very hardcore sets. The themes range from cheerleader teasing to nipple clamps and french maid outfits to giving a guy the best blowjob he will ever receive in his life!

Hey, like I said, PERFECT! Now get your Fleshlight and tell your wife to take the kids and visit grandma, it is time for daddy to have some fun!

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