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Posted By Teen Porn on 05/20/06 - Write A Comment!
Sapphic Erotica Girls Kissing

So I am having a nice conversation with my ex-wife. We got together in high school and were married up until a few years after. During high school she was always very prudish about girl/girl sex.

“Ewww… that’s gross,” she’d say.

Well, now she is like, “Yeah, back when you were checking out girls in the JCPennys catalog, us girls were too!” WTF?

So it pretty much begs the question, “So, did you ever kiss another girl?”

The answer, “Hell YES!”

Turns out she was banging more tail then I was! No shit! She sent me to a website that had a masturbation survey and some of the questions were about girl on girl encounters. A full one quarter of the girls and women who answered the survey had slept with another girl at some point in their life. One eighth considered themselves bisexual for life!

So I guess this Sapphic Erotica thing is a bit bigger than any of us could have imagined. (Especially when your girlfriend is doing the whole, “Ewww,” thing…) I asked her if two chicks kissing turned her on and she replied with something like, why wouldn’t it? “Especially if they were both hot.

Well, is full of hot babes kissing, finger banging and all sorts of other lesbian stuff that will make your dick (or clit) pop! The price at Sapphic Erotica is a bit steep. Like $29.95 a month. But you get over 600 models all having lesbian sex with each other. You cannot go wrong here!

116 hours of video doesn’t hurt your chances to find something erotic every time you show up. The updates come in 5 times a week and also include hires photos. Over 86,000 of them. Like I said, you will have something to.. ahhh… do every time you login!

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