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Posted By Teen Porn on 05/05/06 - Write A Comment!
Selena Spice Cinco de Mayo

Well, happy Cinco de Mayo to everyone!

This spicy hot jalepeno is Selena Spice. Go figure!

Speaking of figures, I was figuring that I could fuck Selena and damn near have a heart attack doing it. And enjoying it. It isn’t often that a man doesn’t mind coming close to death just so he can get laid. But Selena wouldn’t be just any lay, would she be?

I love Latin women. My girlfriend, who I intend to marry someday, is a Latina. Year around tan skin and a tight body to boot. I wouldn’t mind seeing her and Selena make me into the happiest sandwich on Earth.

Selena has this layer of fat that drives my dick bananas. You can see it where her gstring bites into her hip. Do you know what that fatty layer means? It means you can grab onto that ass and ride it without slipping. You can massage that ass with oil and dream about how sweet her pussy is gonna feel.

That layer of fat isn’t just on her ass though, look at Selena’s Boobs! If I was ever going to define cock-knockers with a picture it would be a picture of Selena’s Tits! Now imagine rubbing oil into them and then sliding your cock between them… FUCK! updates twice a week and features 100% exclusive photos and videos that you cannot get anywhere else.

So what are you waiting for? It is time to party, Selena style!

PS, I want you all to slap your wives or girlfriends (or both) on the ass today and think Selena Spice…. When she asks what that was for, say it is for the grip!

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