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Posted By Admin on 12/22/19 - Write A Comment!

What a day, first off let me say this, am I the only one that seems to be totally out of luck? I set my alarm as per usual to because I had to get up for work and I never seem to be able to get there on time. Today of all days for it to happen my alarm didn’t go off and I woke up already being 3 hours late for work.

I figured that had to be the end of it but it was just the beginning. On my way to work I had an accident and with my insurance lapsed I am in all sorts of trouble with my girlfriend who also just happens to own the car that I was driving. Could this get any worse? I guess it could but I wasn’t about to let that happen, not when it was getting close to finally calling it a day and heading home where I would have just a few short hours to myself.

Once there I made the best decision ever and from there my luck was getting better and better by the second. Within a short space of time, everything was going just as I had hoped it would and that was all thanks to Porn Cam Seeker!

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