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Posted By Teen Porn on 04/30/06 - Write A Comment!
Sexy Teen Sandy First Lesbian Experience

I have to ask… Is there anything hotter on the planet than two gorgeous teens kissing? I will go ahead and answer that with, NO!

This sexy teens name is Sandy and her friend decided it was about time they had sex. Often teenage girls will think about each other… sexually… but not just sexually, they also think of each other sensually. For girls there is no lust without love.

It usually starts out the same as it does with her first boy toy. Awkward moments give way to exploration. That look in their eyes… they are sharing it and they both are aware of it

"Why is my pussy tingling? She is my friend… and a girl… ohh my God! I am getting wet thinking about my girlfriend!"

Gentle kisses and touches soon turn into tender licks and light rubbing. Nipples get twisted and breasts are cupped… Sandy can’t take it anymore and rubs her own clit… Why not? Her friend has her eyes closed locked in a tongue twisitng kiss.

You can watch Sandy and her sexy teen friends at her website, She is only 19yo and is from Brazil. Watch her cam shows three times a week and download hours of DIVX videos. Join now and get the May 1st update! Sandy takes on two of her girlfriends this time!

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