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Posted By Teen Porn on 04/12/11 - Write A Comment!

This world can use a lot more people like Fuckable Lola. Not because she is kinky and horny and will try anything once. No, we need more girls like her because she is honest. Most everybody in the world thinks of men when it comes to the word pervert. They might even conjure up the likeness of a male pervert in their lives.

The truth of the matter is, girls get just as perverted as guys do! In fact, they often get even more perverted!

When I saw this video of small tits hottie Fuckable Lola masturbating with oil and a shower curtain on the bed it reminded me of a past girlfriend. She surprised me with. wait for it. wait. a shower curtain on her bed, warm massage oil on the night stand and her naked body!

The strange thing was. The bed/shower curtain already had oil all over them and you could see a bunched up snow angel in the middle that looked like a silhouette of her backside! I also noticed her fishnet pantyhose were soaking wet!

After seeing that, I threw her down on the bed and checked out her pussy. It was a puffy, swollen and red already! Next it was time for some tickle torture until she fessed up and told me the truth. The idea of having sex with my on that shower curtain with hot oil turned her on so much she couldn’t wait for me to get off of work!

Bringing it back to Fuckable Lola. Her small tits are so small they don’t even fill out a training bra. Believe it or not the girls at school were just as mean to her as they were to Felicity Fey for having large natural boobs! But just like Felicity, Lola will get the last laugh. After all, at her ten year class reunion she will still look like a college coed while all of those mean girls will look like old hags with saggy tits!

When you join Fuckable Lola you get access to all of her itty bitty titty videos. Lola gives  simulated blowjobs to dildos, masturbates in every way imaginable and shoots all of it on high definition video. With tits as small as hers I guess you’d have to!

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