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Posted By Teen Porn on 08/25/10 - Write A Comment!


I don’t know about you, but when I was in school I enjoyed it every time a girl asked me to give her a massage. More often then not one thing was bound to lead to another and the next thing you know, I have my dick six inches inside some tight-as-fuck pussy!

One of the best girls I gave a massage to had some tiny tits. I am talking a pimple for a nipple and not a whole lot else. She seemed to pick up on the fact that I dig chicks with tiny tits, so I am sure she actually deserved the checkmark for this encounter on her headboard, not mine.

Anyway… We were at her mom’s house, her parents were divorced. This gave us ample time alone during the summer while her mom was working. My Teen BFF wanted to lay out by the pool and get some sun on her tiny tits. I think she was figuring it might make them grow a little… haha!

So I am rubbing oil all over her hard body and hoping she won’t open her eyes and see the three ring circus tent my cock and swollen nuts were running in my shorts. I could tell this little skank shaved her pussy because her bathing suit went right up the crack in a nice camel toe. It took everything inside of me not to drizzle some oil down that luscious crack!

While doing her shoulders and chest my fingers occasionally went underneath the fabric of her top. What little breast flesh she had caused my cock to ooze pre-cum all over my shorts. This shit was now dripping down my leg!

My skinny-Minnie never opened her eyes during the rub down and her breathing actually seemed more like she was asleep! I had to see her naked tits! I had to touch her swollen, sun kissed nipples… feel them rubbing on the palms of my hands… in between my fingers!

With my thumbs I captured the bottom strap of her bathing suit top and lifted it up and over her tiny tits. There they were! Her nipples were so soft and pink with hard caps. Now my cock was throbbing!

I bent down and licked her nipple real soft and slow so she wouldn’t awake from her slumber. At this point my oil rub down of this girl was quickly turning into a Massage Creep. That’s what you call it when your subject is dozing off and you are getting a bit more exploratory!

Being aware that too much nipple stimulation would bring her out of her slumber, I went back to work on her shoulders and tummy, just enjoying the sight of her tiny titties. After a few seconds I would go back to her tits and over a period of minutes I found myself wondering if she really did shave that beaver!

My Teen BFF was wearing a yellow bikini so I figured it’d show pussy hair underneath if I got it wet. I slowly drizzled some oil on her public mound and sure enough her bikini bottom turned see through enough for me to know she was completely bald down there!

OK… Now I had to have a look-see and I began working my way down her tight stomach. Being so thin her bathing suit bottoms actually didn’t even touch her stomach as they stretched taught across her hip bones and went straight to her pubic mound.

I dove a hand under the hem of the bikini bottoms and lifted it up ever so slightly. There wasn’t much to see from this angle because everything I wanted to see was on the other side of Pubic Mound Hill. I tested the elasticity of the side entrance and found I could easily get under there. After oiling up my hand I made it under and touched the tiny cleft of her hairless vagina.

My hardon needed some relief so I adjusted my shorts so that the head of my cock could barely peek out from the leg opening. I then continued my random patterns over her stomach, tiny tits and shoulders working my courage up a notch to go back down again.

At this point I figured I could slide her bikini bottoms down a bit and then my hand could get under them easier. It worked like a charm and my hand made it inside them without causing any extra tension on the straps. To my amazement my massage creep BFF lifted a leg and set it sideways like the curve of a number 4. Was she tempting me to go further or???

Now my heart was racing! Was I actually going to have sex with my Teen BFF? We had never done anything like this before, though I had always wanted to (like most boys do).

It was time to test the waters and I resumed the breast massage. She didn’t do anything other than breath and appear to be sleeping. I worked one of my hands down and I was amazed at the sight of her bald pussy. I drizzled some more oil onto her bathing suit bottoms and could easily see her bald pussy beneath them.

At this point in time I rubbed oil into her soft thighs and edged slowly towards her pubic mound. Once there I went back to her thighs and she moved her other leg so that both of her knees were extended out with the bottoms of her feet pressed into one another. She wanted me to cut to the chase!

My Massage Creep was finally coming to the grand finale! My hands began to shake a bit as my heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest. My left hand played with her pink nipples while my right hand traced the boundaries of her bathing suit crotch. I pulled the side over and there it was… all oiled and pink as can be. With her legs outstretched as they were her pussy lips had parted and I could see right where my cock wanted to go!

This tiny tits girl has a tiny little clit that needed some massaging and I wasted no time doing it. She let out a little moan and started humping her crotch into her hand. Next her hand found my cock head and she spread the copious amount of precum all over it and began stroking it.

With all of the foreplay a Massage Creep involves it didn’t take long for either of us to cum. Her hand had worked my shorts all the way up my leg so that my cock was sticking straight over her tummy like a canon. It let loose with a wild kick and my first shot hit the table across from me. The next several gushers splattered on her oiled up tummy. This seemed to throw her straight into a violent orgasm of her own. She slid up, down, side to side and front to back all over the lounge chair all the while screaming for me not to stop. After several seconds she grabbed my hand and pressed her legs together huffing and puffing, trying to catch her breath.

When my Teen BFF opened her eyes and stared at me we both laughed a nervous laugh wondering what was next. She asked me if I had any condoms and unfortunately I didn’t. She stood up and pulled me down on to the lounge chair stating, “That’s OK. My mom put me on the pill!”

This young hottie needed some cock and she needed it now. She yanked my shorts off like a pro and lost her bikini so fast I thought I was in some kind of time warp. Before I knew it she was sitting on me and trying to get my cock past her tight lips. Just then she took the bottle of oil and sprayed it at the head of my cock before jamming herself on to it. The fit was tight and amazing!

I had never had a girl on top before and I have to say… Nice! I was able to just sit back and thrust an inch or two here and there while she did all of the work and apparently hit all of the right buttons. She came again in about two minutes and after a few seconds of rest she kept on going. Her third orgasm happened right as I was ready and our genitals pumped and throbbed in unison with each other. It was like no climax I had ever experienced before!

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