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Posted By Teen Porn on 10/10/06 - Write A Comment!
Slippery Sara Bathtub Lesbians

Every good girl has a bad girl inside of her. It is pretty obvious that the redhead is a bad girl… Most redheads are! But I am sure the brunettes parents will vouch for her being a good girl; her teachers would vouch for her too.

But Slippery Sara has a way of making good girls want to be bad. To want to taste what it is like to do things; things that others think are taboo. Like take a bath with another girl. Like soap up her pink nipples and feel a hidden hornyness build up inside her until she cannot ignore it any more.

Even good girls share kisses… on the cheek. That is how she will make it all seem OK in her mind. But good girls don’t share tongue kisses. Lesbian tongue kisses. But, that’s OK too, Sara’s tongue on her clit is going to make everything better… or atleast feel like it is.

Sara is the 19 year old cutie with a B-cup from Like most bad girls she enjoys pretty much any movie with Johnny Depp in it. Sara is slipping into the idea of getting naked more and more with each shoot. She promises that all future shoots will contain topless nudity. I am sticking around waiting for her to slip up and share a pussy lip with the internet.

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