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Posted By Teen Porn on 12/06/09 - Write A Comment!

Long time readers of my blog should know that I am a sucker for a girl with small tits. I don’t care about ethnicity, if she is a smoker, her views on political topics or anything else. All I care about is that she has nice, perky, springy, small tits!

Kayla Louise fits the profile. Not only does she have small tits, Kayla also has one heck of a nice looking cunny. Her little gash looks like it has never been touched by a man. Not hard to imagine when you see how much she enjoys rubbing on it. She never leaves it alone long enough for a man to touch it!

In the members area you get a sense that this girl is a major tease and the feeling that she is a major turn on. Unlike most teasing solo models that never show the bush, Kayla. Well. Kayla’s got no bush to show since she shaves bare. But she does show off her tight pussy on a weekly basis.

And so do her friends. As a member of Kayla Louise you also get access to her friends!

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