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Are There Real Hookup Website Review Sites Out There

There are a lot of hookup site review sites because they serve a particularly important purpose. I’m not talking about fake review sites. I’m not talking about sites that supposedly review certain adult dating sites. These are fake because you know that they exist only to promote certain sites. If the owner of a website is suffering from a conflict of interest, you know your best interest is not going to get served.

Think about it this way. What is the incentive for an affiliate to promote a free website when they know they can get paid potentially several hundred dollars promoting a paid sex dating site? It’s a no-brainer. This is why it’s very important to pay attention to real hookup website review sites. They do exist. However, they are few and far between.

You have to pay attention to certain telltale signs. Let’s face it. I don’t mean to sound harsh or overly brutal, but most of these websites are scams. They exist primarily to generate sales. How do they do that? By putting up fake reviews. You need to know how spot real review sites.

How to Spot Real Review Sites

First, real review sites lay out the positive and the negative elements of a particular hookup site. Second, they offer screenshots of what it’s like to actually navigate the interior of a dating site. Third, they actually take you by the hand through the process, and they take your best interest in mind. What this means is that they use your set of eyes to size up different websites. Would these websites be the type of sites that you would happily become a member of? Do you see where I’m coming from?

If you read a typical real review of dating sites, you can immediately tell that they have your best interest in mind. Fake review sites, on the other hand, are overly positive. It’s easy to tell that these types of websites are simply intended to sell the websites that they are supposedly reviewing. If you notice that there’s too much sales talk or there’s heavy sales pressure, run away. Run very far away because the chances of you getting ripped off are quite high.

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First God gave us water, but we really couldn’t enjoy it because pool parties are gay without chicks involved. So God gave us hot girls like Tara Ryan!

Pool parties were my favorite Summertime activity when I was growing up. When else can you check out members of the opposite sex while they parade around in garments made to tease you without looking like a total perv?

Tara Ryan loves the pool just about as much as we enjoy seeing her in it. Tara has friends and an entire network included with her membership. Get more small tits teen hotness, plus access to awesome sites like Mother Daughter Fuck and College Fuck Fest!

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You have to be wondering if Paulina 18 is indeed legal. I have to say, when it comes to barely legal bodies this girl is hard to beat. No pun intended.

Paulina is the total package when it comes to bring barely legal. Not only does she have small tits, I would say they aren’t even A-Cups! Open your encyclopedia to the entry for mosquito bites and I am sure you will see a picture of Paulina18 there!

Along with her having small tits she also has a very petite and tight body. Take the tour and check out the samples. It is like this girl stopped aging 5 years ago. Put her bum into a print pair of soft cotton panties and you might as well label it jailbait.

Most of the barely legal girls like Paulina don’t do hardcore. They stick to softcore and if you are lucky they masturbate. With Paulina 18 you get it all. She does softcore, upskirt, lesbian, solo masturbation, masturbates with other girls and has sex with guys too!

Time for the tip: Get to the join page on her tour. Close the window (or tab) and you will get a popup window. Select CANCEL and you will get a new window with an offer to join Paulina 18, ” rel=”nofollow” “/”>Serena 18 and Tiny Tabby for the price of one!

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Many of you have been searching for this girl for a long time and for the life of me I thought I had a post or two of her here already. I guess not. So here she is, Karla Spice!

This girl excites me in many ways. First her tan is fucking amazing. Karla has that Latina all-year-long tan that never goes away. I divorced a white woman and have been dating a Puerto Rican girl for years. I would never go back. Even in the winter time my Puerto Rican cutie’s ass is tan!

Next, Karla Spice doesn’t know she is as hot as she is. You can see it in her face. She is always wondering if we are going to enjoy her photos or not. I like that sense of modesty that she brings to the table.

Karla is like two models in one. On one hand she is young and basically a big tits, barely legal, Latin cutie. On the other hand she nails the sophisticated older babe look too. The next time I need an executive-assistant to blow my cock, Karla is there!

All of the photos and Karla Spice videos are 100% exclusive. She updates her site weekly. Originally was non-nude, but now she is going topless. Showing off those huge natural tits.

If the girl next door, bikini model with big natural tits isn’t enough for you, don’t worry, we still have you covered. By joining Karla Spice you get access to one of the largest Latina networks ever made.

You get solo models like Bella Spice, Selena Spice, Mariah Spice and the Spice Twins. One dozen Latina tits for you to fantasize about! Plus, you get Pacino’s World and La Zona Modelos. The multi-girl sites where these solo models got their start. Who knows, maybe you will help them find their next solo model!

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While I can’t say for certain that Joe Plumber is going to get lucky today, I can say that Joe Boxer is stepping up to the plate and he is ready to hit this one out of the ballpark!

This scene from Gigi Spice brings me back to my own first threesome. I had two teenage girls (one with braces) ready to suck my cock. I couldn’t help but wonder if the rumors were true about girls blowing cock with braces on. Would I have a dick left or would this little wood-chuck gnaw it down to a stub?

There was only one way to find out and that was a game of show me yours and I show you mine. At first I had thought that I had put the drop on these two little girls, but I was wrong. It turned out they had it in for my hardon the entire time. I was like puddy in their hands.

Gigi Spice has those same youthful looks and small tits my first blowjob sweethearts had. It is amazing how soft and smooth a barely legal teens skin can get. Feeling their hard boobies rubbing on my legs while they worked their warm, wet mouths on my cock was more than I could handle.

It usually takes me several minutes to cum and I have been known to be able to hold out for hours. Not on that day. Gigi Spice and her Latin friend made me blow my load in just under a minute. The funny thing is they went back for more because they didn’t feel like they tasted enough of it the first time. I was in heaven! updates weekly with a new video and picture sets. Her masturbation videos are very graphic and clear. Watching her play with that tender pussy of hers really brings me back. Watching her suck on a guys hard glands in blowjob videos brings me back even further.

Members of this spicey Latina jail bait get access to her spicey friends too. I suggest you take a look at the join page on Gigi Spice for all of the details.

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From time to time I come across a real gem. Candid Bob is one of those gems. Wall to wall young teens mixed with college coeds and even a few river MILF to spice things up.

Candid Bob goes out to some of world’s best beaches (like Huntington Beach above) and spies hot, young and beautiful girls next door. Along with taking their own photos they also accept members submissions so their collection of candid beach pics is large enough to justify buying that larger external drive you have your eyes on.

Right now they are running a special with two other candid photo sites. You get all three for only $21.95. You won’t find this low of a price or a larger collection of candid photography anywhere else. Candid Bob has been online now for 5 years and updates almost every day. You can imagine how immense the members area is.

Most of the photos are shot in 2400×1600 and take up a 24″ monitor in full screen. Imagine how close to that teenage pussy you will feel when viewing his site on a 17″ or 19″ monitor!

Candid Bob has more than just candid photos. You get candid videos too. Hot, beach water wet, teenage tits flopping around on video. Firm, spankable teenage booty videos. Upskirt on video. This guy is a pervert extraordinaire  and he brings home the goods!

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Entering the gates of is like being the uninvited guest to your sister’s slumber party. Over a thousand girls grace the pages of this award winning web site.

The girls at Abby Winters are real. They say that everyone has a twin somewhere in the world and I think I found four of my ex-girlfriend’s twins at Abby Winters. I never got to see any of them masturbate, though I suspected some of them did it. Now I get to see all of them masturbate and two of them make out with each other! Now there is a fantasy I always wanted to explore!

Your mind goes numb and finds it hard to process what it is seeing when you find the 227 girls in 240 girl-girl scenes. Where do I start? Oh shit! Wait a minute… There is even more girl-girl action in the Intimate Moments section!

Intimate Moments… They are just what they sound like. Girls masturbating to wonderfully explosive orgasms. These are not paid models that work in porn. They are girls from off the street. The kinds of girls you see around you in your everyday life. The grocery checker, the bank teller, the girl at the changing rooms at your local department store… Real girls. Masturbating about real guys (and girls).

Watching two Abby Winters girls share an Intimate Moment will get your pulse racing. A double masturbation session with girls that have never masturbated with someone else in the room before. Curiosity sets in and sometimes the girls begin to explore each other. A double Intimate Moment.

Most of the models at Abby Winters have several picture sets and videos. Many of the most popular models have Intimate Moments match ups and mash ups.

By far one of the most exhilarating adventures at is following along on a like minded, fellow user’s coattails. Users (including you) can create your own galleries with topics like feet/panties, nipple nibble and more.

Members of Abby Winters can download calendars featuring the girls along with wallpapers devoted to fan favorites.

Can an Abby Winters membership get any better than this? Sure, I haven’t even mentioned the discussion board yet. A place where you can interact with your favorite model(s). On the boards you can talk with dozens of models, like minded fans, make requests or talk about anything on your mind.

A full membership to Abby Winters gets you 11 new videos a week, 8 new image sets a week, 3 new solo models a week, 2 returning solo models a week, 2 new girl-girl videos a week, 3 one-girl masturbation videos a week, 2 two-girl masturbation videos a week, exclusive backstage content and access to eight years of archived material.

Every time you login to your account there is always something waiting for you!

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Looking at the header to my blog it is painfully obvious that I have a sweet spot in my heart for teens in the pool. Tara Ryan reminds me of the first girl I ever skinny dipped with.

I will start off by putting it out there; Tara Ryan is not your ideal teeny bopper blonde bimbo from the club. She is a real girl. Real boobs, real hips, real measurements. A true girl next door. Only this girl is naked in the pool.

My own Tara Ryan had very similar measurements. I used to wonder if she shaved her pussy completely bare and would gaze at her crotch when she would lay out. She had no idea I had such a big fascination with her female parts.

I didn’t have to wonder if she shaved the whole thing for very long. We got drunk one night during the summer months and went for a swim. She took off her bottoms and dared me to do the same, telling me that we couldn’t see what was under the water anyway.

Up until this point me and my Tara Ryan never fooled around, but after that night she became a friend with benefits.

I took the bait and removed my trunks and she asked me to hand them over to her. When I did she threw them and her own bottoms over the gate around the pool. Now one of us would eventually have to get out, naked, and retrieve them. That is when I figured this thing might go further than I had expected it to.

Once she removed her top and threw it over the gate she suggested we play Marco Polo. I said sure and she was "it" first. When she started out towards me I backed up to the pool steps and figured I’d get out and jump in behind her. My boner was hard and flapped around as I skipped past her.

She heard my feet and yelled, "fish out of water?" I was caught and said so. She immediately opened her eyes and saw my boner while I was in the air. Tara smiled at my hardon. This was a good sign and I closed my eyes.

I called out Marco but didn’t get an answer for a while. Then I heard her surface and go back under. How was I supposed to find her if she didn’t say Polo do to being under water all of the time? I felt something move past me in the water. I jumped that way and tagged her on her boob.

When I opened my eyes she was standing in front of me with goggles on! She was checking out my boner from under the water! I told her that wasn’t fair and stated that she should show me hers. Tara pulled herself out of the water and sat on the side of the pool with her legs spread.

Sure enough, my assumptions were correct. She shaved all of her pubic hair off. That would explain the camel toe when her suit got wet. Sometimes it even creeped up when she was dry!

When I moved in for a closer look at her shave job Tara grabbed the back of my head and shoved my face into her pussy, instructing me to lick it. She said, "I know you have wanted to eat my pussy for a long time!"

How right she was.

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Am I perverted because I call watching eighteen year old girls walking around in bathing suits entertainment? What if I enjoy watching their bikini bottoms ride up their ass cheeks when they bend over to test the water, am I perverted if watching girls do that excites me?

I don’t care if it is perverted. I enjoy it and that is all that matters. On cold days I can’t watch the girls at the pool in my condo complex so I have to resort to other means of getting my fix. One such method is

At Nubiles I can navigate their vast assortment of over 440 models using terms like girls with braces, wearing a bikini and sporting a camel toe. I prefer the girls with small breasts and nubiles is full of them. Hundreds of them. If you prefer girls with large tits don’t worry. They have a hundred of them too.

Another area where we might differ is the level of sexuality depicted in galleries and videos. I prefer softcore, but there is plenty of hardcore for those of you who are into it. Nubiles updates multiple times a day and adds three new models a week. One of those models always does hardcore.

Nubiles really is a one-stop-shop for everything teen.

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Tara Ryan naked on a slippery raft. Just the sort of thing you need when you are trying to beat the heat.

Teens in the pool will always have a large following. With their soft, smooth skin and copper tans it is hard to take your eyes off of them. Tara Ryan is no exception. She has cute small tits and great tan lines.

Once Tara’s tits hit the water her nipples harden as they come in contact with the cool liquid. She grimaces at first and then switches to a big smile. This teen is having some fun and she wants you to join her.

With each new weekly video update at you also get a set of pictures detailing her flirty behavior. Watching Tara expose herself playfully while wearing stripper costumes makes Tara Ryan well worth the price of admission. Receiving access to 16 sites including Jayda Brook is like gravy on Thanksgiving!

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Do you like blonde nonnude models who decide to go all the way?

What if she enjoys licking her friends pussies just as much as she enjoys masturbating her own… on video? Would it make a difference if she updates three to four times a week?

Get your ass over to Cassie’s Teens and check out her hot review of!

Read the Review of Ann Angel!

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Soph Dream Melanie Teen Ass

That fine piece of teen ass belongs to Melanie.

That is some really fine ass right there. Of course teen ass is fine about 90% of the time. But damn… I really like that ass.

Melanie and her ass can be found at The people at Soph Dream bill themselves as The Home of Real Amateur Teen Girls and I believe them. They shoot their own content and specialize in first time lesbians, teen pissing and anal pleasures.

Melanie’s hair reminds me of Mexico and Mexico reminds me of great times. Why Mexico? Because of the braids I guess. And she is so short. I like short chicks and tall chicks but a short chick with that fine of an ass is always a plus.

Another plus is Melanie’s shaved beaver with a clit piercing. I swear it is like springbreak in Cabo looking at her. This young girl has got it going on and damn if I wouldn’t treat her right. I am sure you would too! has 650 pictures and 12 videos of Melanie. Add that to the 65+ other teenage models and you end up with a lot of amateur teen content. So grab your fleshlight and some lube and get cracking!

Find More Soph Dream!

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Bella Spice Pool

That is some awesome water. That water is awesome because it is lucky water. That water is lucky because it is going places that I can only dream of!

Welcome to the beauty that is known as Bella Spice. Bella is a latina teen from South of the border. She doesn’t speak much english but that is just fine; sex is an international language that anyone can speak.

Bella is only 5’2"… I said only… Sounds demeaning but it is actually one of her greatest assets… I said Assets. Bella’s perfect ass is her real greatest asset, but you cannot have an ass like that without being short. Period. updates three times a week with 100% exclusive content. You will not see Bella anywhere else on the internet. Bella also has some pretty, fucking hot friends. They come around and shoot with her and by themselves. I like to imagine a Latin orgy with my Polish sausage stirring things up.

If you like being teased by Latina maids or the Latina teen nextdoor or… well, you get the idea… Bella Spice is hot and spicey salsa!

Find More Bella Spice!

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Busty Bri Pool

Chick… Chicka-Chickahhh…

Oh Yeah… Oh Yeah… Oh Yeah
The moon… beautiful
The sun… even more beautiful
Oh Yeah… Oh Yeah… Oh Yeah

Oh Yeah… Oh Yeah…

Good time…

Yes, she is inspiring. Yes, she has big titties! Yes, I’d fuck her in a heart beat!

Who is she? This large boobs gem is Busty Bri and you can catch her in all of her fullness at

Large boobs cuties are often a turn off for me because I can’t imagine them ever wanting to fuck me. But Busty Bri is the exception because she is the busty girl nextdoor! I could totally imagine hoping the wall and fucking this girls brains out.

Bri’s huge juggs are fucking insanely ginormous but don’t sag to her knees. A big plus in my book. I’d love to have her wrap my cock in those while she tongues the head of my prick and rubs those soft lips down the shaft. Her fucking soft tits rubbing my balls and thighs, they are so fucking huge. Damn!

If Busty Bri isn’t your cup of tea then you need to get your head examined by a licensed medical doctor immediately!

Find More Busty Bri!

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Selena Spice Dressing

Now that is an undeniably fine-ass Latina!

This Latin girl makes J-Lo’s ass look teeny-weeny in comparison. When you click on the Selena Spice gallery above you will see what I mean. Her ass is fucking gi-normous. But firm and hard like a piece of rock, while smooth and soft like satin panties. Girls from South America seem to be the only ones that can look fuck-tabulous with such a large ass in teensie-weensie gstring bathing suit.

Now lets focus on those tits of hers. Selena shows them off in the members area in all of their wonderful glory. In my own personal experiences, I have found that their really isn’t that much of a difference between Dcups and Double-Dcups. You can easily wrap both around even the most massive cock and thoroughly enjoy an awesome tit-job!

At you get two updates a week and DVD quality video. She is going to absolutely BLOW your mind and your wad when you see her videos. Talk about getting the fuck teased out of you… or should I have said getting the spunk teased out of you.

Either way, if you like Latina women with wide hips, large tits and a little waist, Selena Spice is your girl… and she is waiting!

Find More Selena Spice!

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