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Posted By Teen Porn on 02/14/13 - Write A Comment!

OMFG! I am in love!

I know I mostly focus on models with small tits, but there are times that I stray and enjoy the girls with big tits. When I do I am a sucker for both pink nipples and sexy tan lines. I found them both in one perky little package with webcam model Avrola tonight!

Now I know you guys have already put me through the ringer before about free cams. Telling me how you never see anything like what I am seeing, so tonight I come with proof.

Had I used my noggin I would have also recorded the conversation we were having, alas, I am a douche. But hey, I talked this girl out of her shirt. Damn are her titties ever fluffy and pink. I talked her out of her panties. Her booty is fucking sweet. Something you really want to grind the fuck out of. I was just about to get her to show the pink and guess what?



When I originally found her live free sex cam on we were alone. It was fucking perfect. She was so fucking hot and sweet that she didn’t know what was coming. Then a few people pop in and they start up with the dorky snide comments. Still, I was able to get her to loosen up. But then that final idiot takes her private. When he could have gotten the show for free!

I am trying to tell you people. You can watch cams for free. You can get the girls to masturbate for free. All you have to do is work the system. And hope some dumbass isn’t going to come in and require instant gratification. Anyway. Time for me to go hunting for another little honey willing to show the pink!

Posted By Teen Porn on 08/14/11 - Write A Comment!


Anybody up for a wet t-shirt contest with Debbie Teen? If you said no you are a fucking moron. Take this down: 1) Close this window. 2) Go to and look up the nearest train track. 3) Turn off your computer by unplugging it from the wall. Don’t worry about it breaking, you won’t be needing where you are going. 4) Find those tracks and lay down on them.

Still with me? Good!

For the rest of us we have an excellent day planned. How do I know it will be good? Because, we get to see those tits get wet and then play I Spy and today’s hidden item is a camel toe. Can you spy a camel toe in the pictures below?


I don’t care how hot or cold it is where you live in the world. Right now it is the perfect temperature. The humidity is perfect. Perfectly soaked! There are so many awesome qualities to Debbie Teen. She has very perky tits. She has a perfect peach of a pussy. Her body is rocking! She has that farmer’s daughter next door look. And my personal favorite? The tan lines! Coppertone tan lines!


As you can see Debbie Teen shoots everything in high resolution and these are the example pics. In the members area that camel toe takes up the entire monitor!

Along with Debbie Teen you also get Kimmy Teen, Little Danni, Busty Alli and more! This link has a great list and all of the information on the network!

Posted By Teen Porn on 02/11/11 - Write A Comment!


Teh Internets. I love the Internet!

Why? Because it is so gosh-darn full of variety. Like sometimes I want a girl with tan lines. They give you a sense of the seasons. Like tan lines mean it is summertime!

But other times I don’t want tan lines. Not that I want a ghost either! In school I primarily dated white chicks. Then I dated a Mexican chick. We had sex. I was in love! In love with what you ask? This bitch was tan all year long!

Her boobs looked like summer, her ass looked like summer, hell, even her pussy looked like it was summertime!

Kayla Louise was put on this Earth to make it summertime even as we are still sitting in the dead of Winter. I love it!

Of course I also love girls with small tits and Kayla Louise has those too!

Posted By Teen Porn on 05/03/10 - Write A Comment!


It is a fucking fantastically beautiful day today. The sun is shining and I have decided to do my posts from the backyard with an ice cold Pacifico by my side. Those crazy Mexican beers. they make for perfect wingmen when you need to get wet with the polka dot bikini girls!

I was checking out Chloe 18. It has been a while since I talked about her small tits. Just look at the fucking body of hers in the photo above. This little spicy wonder-fuck-hottie is tan all year long and I have to say, “Love those fucking tan lines!”

Chloe 18 believes that no pool party is complete until all participants are skinny dipping. Chloe shares her philosophy with all of her girlfriends when they stop by to layout and catch some rays.

One of my favorite friends of Chloe 18 is Little Summer. Between her and Little Lexie I have a hard time choosing favorites! Luckily we don’t have to choose! Just grab a Tiny Teen Pass and you can get all of the girls for one low price. How does $1 sound to you?

Posted By Teen Porn on 03/01/10 - Write A Comment!


Somebody searched for Paris Tale and someone else searched for girls with tan lines. I figured I’d knock both of them out in one post. While I am here I should also mention that you won’t find anything illegal here. There are no pre teen, preteen, pre teens, preteens pictures or videos!

That being said, there are plenty of barely legal girls that look so close to jailbait you could easily believe you are doing something illegal by watching their cute masturbation videos.

Now back to our regularly schedules programming.

Paris Tale gets 100% nude for her members. She masturbates and she has sex with her girlfriends. Her body is athletic and her tits are pert. I’d say they are almost big enough to be considered big tits. You definitely won’t have a problem filling your palms with them.

I have to say, it is a shame that more girls don’t have tan lines like Paris Tale does. They are 100% sexy. Especially on barely legal girls!

When you join Paris Tale you also receive access to a total of 30 bonus sites including Andi Pink, Katie Fey, Kristina Fey, Felicity Fey and Ariel Rebel. Take her tour and check the bottom of the page for the entire list of sites!

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