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Posted By Teen Porn on 05/09/07 - Write A Comment!
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So who in the fuck is Taryn Thomas? Well, like you, I didn’t have the slightest clue either until one of you guys searched for her. Searched? Yeah, that little box to the top right. You can use it to find hot chicks on my blog.The problem with searching for Taryn Thomas (up until today) was that there was no gallery for her here. I decide who to write about based on those searches and I put a lot of extra umphfff into the ones that come up “not found.” So if you have a girl you would like to see and we don’t have her, search for her on a daily basis and I will see what I can do. Or, if you can’t wait, shoot me an email at admin at and I will make sure to get her in here for ya.

Dammit… Two whole paragraphs in and we still haven’t the slightest f’ing clue who this bitch is…

According to her gallery Taryn enjoys the color red. Good thing because she looks smoking fucking hot in it. Taryn lives in Pheonix but works in the Los Angeles porn scene. She likes to keep those things as seperate as possible. (probably due to creaps always stalking her and shit)

Taryn wasn’t always from Pheonix though… She was born in New Jersey and came out here with her parents. Probably to grow her up right. But then she met Steve Lightspeed who encouraged her to make some extra cash doing softcore porn. You might recognize the name Lightspeed from the websites they run… Britney Lightspeed, LS-Sorority, Lightspeed Girls, etc…

Taryn wasn’t seeing as much money as she had hoped she would see while doing softcore porn and so in 2004 she decided to move into hardcore and see about becoming a household name. Taryn made her debut in the cleverly titled DVD 12 on 1, #2. She was nominated for the AVN Award of Best New Starlet in 2006 and received the Dirtiest Girl in Porn Award from Fans of Adult Media and Entertainment (FAME).

Most of you might recognize her from the Howard Stern show. With his help took off in a big way. But don’t worry, being the devoted worker that she is, she still makes hardcore movies for all of us to enjoy.

So what does all of this biopic shit mean? It means her members area isn’t some bullshit fluff-fest you get with some other girls. This girl makes hardcore porn videos for a living… Take a guess on how hot her website is? Smoking – Fucking – Red Hot!

Find More Taryn Thomas!

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