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Posted By Teen Porn on 07/26/11 - Write A Comment!


This is Fay from 18 Only Girls. As their name suggests they like to find barely legal girls with small tits and fill them with cock. But my blog is softcore for the most part so we are going to start with Fay and then move on to the hard stuff. Kay?

I wish there were more Fays in the world of pornography. You just don’t see good looking “healthy” girls her size very much. Usually chicks get coked up to be this skinny. Then again, I guess that would make the Fays of the world boring and bland.


I just can’t get over those tiny tits of hers. It’s funny because Fay probably wished for her tits to grow all throughout high school. Probably slept on her stomach thinking that’d make them fall out of her chest. LOL

Then she turns 18 years old and finds out that there are tons of guys that have tiny tits fetishes. Now I bet she is happy her tits aren’t going to look like pancakes when she is 40!



Well, there you have it. 18 Only Girls has 1000’s of cute teen girls to choose from. Actually, you don’t even have to choose. It ain’t like they are going to get mad if you check out somebody else!

18 Only Girls merged with other sites in their network to create one big mega site. So now you can find the girls from sites like Virgin Off at 18 Only Girls too!

Here is that hardcore teen sex video you so patiently waiting for!

18 Only Girls. It’s what’s for dinner!

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