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Posted By Teen Porn on 04/08/08 - Write A Comment!


Put your feet up… It is time to reminisce. The girl above is Teen Deja. Girls like Deja happen when parents are too strict. Once the girl gets any time to herself she is ready to fly the coup. I had an encounter with a girl like Teen Deja once and this is how it went…

She was a friend of my sisters. My sister and her friend were older than me by two years. Her friends name was Sarah and Sarah was a Mormon. Her life was a complete wreck. She wasn’t allowed to wear a two piece bathing suit because seeing her belly button would lead to sex. Her sister busted her at school because she was drinking a soda. Basically her parents were overbearing to the max.

Our house was Sarah’s home away from home. Her place to relax. None of us were going to tell if she drank a coke. One day Sarah and I were left alone in the home and Sarah decided to play some flirtatious games with me.

I was sitting at my desk in my room putting together a model plane when she walked in wearing a two piece bathing suit. My eyes widened upon seeing so much of her and now that I reflect on it, it was because her parents made it taboo that it felt sexy to see her this way. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have given it any thought. Having had a pool for years I had seen many girls in bikinis. Just not this particular girl.

Sarah was obviously exited to wear her bikini because her nipples were unmistakably hard. She sat down on my bed and asked me how she looked. I told her to stand up and turn around so I can properly judge her.

Sarah popped back up and slowly turned around and when she had her back towards me she bent over. Her bathing suit covered pussy peaked out from behind her ass cheeks. The suit creased between her pussy lips. I swear that moment seemed like an eternity.

Next, Sarah turned back around and sat down, again asking how she looked. I told her she looked very sexy and she smiled a beaming smile showing off her braces. She looked down at my cock and could see it straining hard to get out of my pants. Her mouth opened in aw.

Just then the garage door opener started to rattle and Sarah rushed out of my room and back into my sister’s room. My mom was home. I quietly closed my door and started beating off. I am not too loud when I masturbate from years of learning how to hide the experience from the rest of my family. Sarah, on the other hand, was quite loud. I could hear her faintly through the air vent. She must have been banging her pussy!

I thought, wow, she wants me as much as I want her! I replayed the images of her hard nipples and her pussy crack showing through her bikini in my head. I listened to her soft moaning and I timed my ejaculation perfectly with hers. Then I started plotting how I would finally hook-up with my sister’s best friend.

Like I said earlier, Teen Deja reminds me of a pent up teenager like Sarah was. Her homely light skin and her slightly geeky nature mask her inner desire for  sex. While most people would say she is quiet and shy, members of her site know she is very much the opposite.

With her parents always on her back Deja couldn’t be herself. She always had to suppress her emotions. Especially when it came to boys. Then she realized something. There was nothing stopping her from having sex with her girlfriends. She could have one over for a sleep over and she could spend the entire night licking her pussy and her parents wouldn’t  even notice.

Once Teen Deja turned eighteen she moved out and set up a web site where she could experience everything her parents had been keeping away from her. Deja regularly invites her girlfriends over to make sexy lesbian videos. She masturbates and dresses up in clothes her mother would never approve of. You could say that she is a teen-girl-gone-wild!

Deja has a weekly webcam and updates her members area with a new video and photo set each week. Members can Email Deja and read her personal blog too. Teen Deja even has a MySpace page for her fans!

Take the tour and experience her sexual awakening!

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