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Posted By Teen Porn on 10/16/13 - Write A Comment!

Catie Minx showing off her small tits and her pink pussy!

Growing up Catie Minx spent a lot of time being self conscious. She wasn’t always this hot. Sure she has always had her small tits, her pink pussy and her athletic body, but those weren’t the reasons for her self consciousness. The problem Catie has growing up was that she was a nerd. Put her hair color back to its original drab brown, throw on some glasses, put her in every fashion faux pas you can think of and yeah, she was a total geek!

Now she is getting the last laugh though. She died her hair black, she got some contacts and she learned how to dress like a slut. I love it. But then I am a sucker for girls in white tights.

Get unlimited access to updates on instantly. She has some many awesome camel toe pics and videos. She loves to dress up in all sorts of Cosplay and other uniforms. You won’t get bored with Catie Minx running around your computer!

Posted By Teen Porn on 12/26/11 - Write A Comment!


Most people always assume my job here are Rhino’s Girls is a piece of cake. They figure I just find a photo, write some bullshit about the photo and move on to the next post. But it ain’t like that. My job isn’t easy, however, girls like Emily 18 above sure do make it enjoyable!

No other girl in the history of Internet porn has made my job easier than Emily18 does. Her natural beauty is unmatched. Her nymph like features magically bring about the words I write underneath her pictures.

It probably helps that Emily looks like she could be a twin of a girl I once fooled around with as a kid. I wouldn’t say we dated because we were more like friends with benefits. So every time I see Emily 18 I am transported back to a wonderful spot in time!

For instance, take the gallery of Emily above. She is a small tits schoolgirl with a body most girls would kill for. It reminds me of my old friend with benefits and the first time I saw her in her schoolgirl uniform. I kept wondering if the school developed her uniform to make me horny or turn me off, because it was making me want to fuck the living daylights out of her!

Our parents were pretty good friends and always thought we were more like brother and sister. On the contrary we were anything but! We fooled around every chance we got and we got a lot of them!

One of our favorite things to do was to have masturbation races. I would go over to her house after school and we would do homework together. Sometimes her mom would leave to go to the store or do other errands and leave us all alone. We never knew how long she would be gone so we preferred to race!

Once we heard the garage door closing and her car accelerate away we turned towards each other. I would drop my pants and she would hike up her skirt and unbutton her blouse exposing her small tits. Then we’d both rub ourselves as fast as we could. If we hadn’t been around each other for a while it could take less than a minute for both of us to cum! If we had been around each other often it might take several minutes before we both finished.

Her mom didn’t let her wear skirts except for her school uniform so she often stayed in it for a few hours after school. She told her mom that wearing it made her more focused on her studies and since she got good grades, her mom didn’t force her to change out of it. Besides. I was like a brother to her anyway. It wasn’t like I was going to look up her skirt or anything! has content spanning years. If you think Emily looks young now, wait until you see her earlier stuff. When you open up an encyclopedia and look up the term "barely legal" you will find a picture of Emily 18 wearing a cute set of cotton print, bra and panties!

For years Emily tempted and teased us with shots of her small boobs and her tight little fanny. But she always kept her panties on, just giving us little hints of her pussy slit here and there.

Now Emily 18 gets fully nude in her galleries and her videos. It is a nice progression and a serious trip down memory lane. I highly suggest treating yourself to a membership at!

Posted By Teen Porn on 09/06/10 - Write A Comment!


I’d be the first to tell you I was not the hunkiest mother-fucker that ever lived back in school. Growing up I was a scrawny little bitch. However, I did get my fair share of pussy and most of it was out of my league. Somebody actually made a movie and wrote a book about the concepts I used to land some outrageously hot bitches throughout my lifetime. The movie is called, "The Tao of Steve."

In the movie the central character sums up how to land hot women no matter how much of a slub you appear to be by:

  • Be desireless
  • Be excellent
  • Be gone

In a real world example you basically appear to not give a shit about the girl. You don’t do double takes. You don’t stare at her. As far as she is concerned you are the only guy in the room that isn’t interested in her. This, in itself, already makes you intriguing!

Next, you do something impressive, but you don’t act like some big shot about it. While others will be wowed by your ability you need to act like you thought everyone had this ability. Like you don’t deserve praise because you figured everybody can do this.

And finally, you need to exit her presence. This is very important. I am sure you are familiar with the concept of, "You never what you’ve got till it’s gone?" Well, it solidifies the deal here. Now her curiosity is peaked!

When I was a freshman in school I was a weasel. I did all of the wrong things. I tried to impress girls by showering them with my affections and buying them gifts. But so was everyone else! Then I sat back and watched this really smooth mother-fucker as he banged the hottest babes. He even took the babes from their quarter-back boyfriends and this guy was, by all other accounts, a bonafide loser!

I had to know how he was doing this. I had to start getting laid! I was running out of socks for Christ’s sakes!

Over a period of months I shadowed the guy. I attended the parties he attended. I watched him countlessly land hotties. He didn’t even have to ask them if they wanted to shag! They asked him!!!

Things began to fall into place. Over the summer I began to use some of the techniques I had learned. I quit worrying about getting laid or undressing chicks with my eyes… after all, I was more interested in actually undressing them with my dick!

When my sophomore year began I decided it was time to haul out the big guns. I was going after a senior! My subject was blonde with some perky small tits that weren’t too big and weren’t too small. She was my own personal Little Red Riding Hood!

Not only was this girl hot, she was smart. Book smart really. The best kind of girl to manipulate! She often tutored the football team and they often put the moves on her. She learned all of their moves and had a counter move for every last one of them… but she had no idea what I was bringing to the table!

Since this girl, and we’ll just call her Teen Kasia for ease, was a smarty pants I figured she’d love card tricks. Smart people always want to know how the trick works, and yet, they also want to believe it isn’t a trick at all, that magic could actually exist. So I signed up for some of her tutoring.

Now this girl was probably pretty used to having guys like me drool over her and drop pencils left and right hoping for a panty shot, but I acted like she was a redheaded step-child. I could tell that right there already had her thinking I was either brain damaged or gay or… just off somehow…

After a few sessions with her I decided it was time for step #2. During this session I just happened to have an "ordinary deck of playing cards" with me. I was switching them from hand to hand 52-card pick-up style. Only instead of the cards shooting into the air and landing all over the floor, they tidily landed in the opposite hand. She seemed to take notice of my dexterity and I fanned them out asking her to pick a card.

After three tricks I put the cards down and suggested we get into the book work. After all, my mom and dad were paying her to tutor me. I could hear the squeaking of the cogs in her head. How can this guy do so many magic tricks that seem to require math and need math tutoring? This doesn’t make sense!

Over time she would ask me to do another trick… and another… and another. I kept learning new tricks for each weekly session and she seemed intrigued. Then she asked me… "How’d you learn all of these tricks?"

"By not doing my homework I guess…" I answered. It laid down a cover story on why I was falling behind in my grades.

By week nine she was pestering me to show her how to do the tricks and show her yet more tricks I hadn’t shown her before. Now it was time for piece number three. I cut the bitch off!

My grade summary came in and my parents were pleased with my improvement. She was fired and had to go back to working with a bunch of meat-headed jocks. I noticed she was watching ME as I walked across the courtyard at school. Time to put it all together!

Through some contacts I found out what party she was attending that Saturday night. I also found out the jock throwing the party was in need of some grade-fixing in order to play Friday night and I arranged for his "B" average to be met. This got me my invite and actually made me the guest of honor since the team went on to win a very big game against our school’s biggest rival. Perfect!

At the party I broke out the cards and performed some tricks. This brought everyone around me and when she showed up I didn’t even make eye contact with her. She received no acknowledgement from me. After several tricks I bowed out for a break and headed to the kitchen for a beer. She followed like a cat looking for some more nip.

"That last trick was pretty cool. How come you never showed it to me before?" Teen Kasia asked.

"Which one?" I asked knowing full well which one she was asking about.

"You know, the one where you repaired the torn card."

"Oh, it’s nothing really. Just some slight of hand." I then looked over her shoulder and saw a group of guys playing quarters at the table and excused myself.

At the table I propositioned the quarter back with an old drinking riddle/trick. Basically I asked him a loaded question about who can drink what first and offer race, then spring it on him that he should have thought before he drank and won  the bet by having him do all of the drinking. Everyone had a good laugh… Except for her… Someone asked me to do another trick and I pronounced that I’d be right back… I needed some air.

Once outside I counted the seconds it took for Kasia to join me. One… Two… Three… Four… bing! There she was asking me why I was being weird. I said, "If you have something you want to show me, show me," otherwise I was going back inside to do some more magic."

The next thing I knew I was thrown up against the wall and lip locking with Teen Kasia like our lives depended on it. I pushed her back and told her to think about this. Was this really what she wanted to do? She threw me back against the wall and grabbed my crotch!

I can’t say every babe was bagged this well or fell for me this hard, but I can say I banged more chicks then the quarter back did and continued to do so even after I graduated. I will say this though, Kasia was one of the best!

Teen Kasia is the unobtainable girl that is inviting you in! You don’t need to know the Tao of Steve, you just need to have a credit card, debit card or a checking account. Believe me, this girl is charging a hell of a lot less than my own Teen Kasia did and this girl puts out on the first date!

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