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Posted By Teen Porn on 04/02/08 - Write A Comment!

Do I even need to review this site or is the picture above truly worth a thousand words and already doing more for Teen Tabitha than I ever could?

Teen Tabitha is one of my favorite girl next door sites. When Tabitha turned 18 she decided it was time to throw off the shackles her parents put on her and explore her nasty side. Everything about the gallery above just screams naughty. It also screams tease!

You never actually get to see her wonderful boobs (but you do on her site) and you only get a peak at her panties (members get to see what is under those panties). is the perfect naughty girl next door because along with the nudity there are tons of teasing. And Tabitha’s girl next door looks make the whole thing come together. It is easy to dream about the olden days here. About when girls like Tabitha used to tease you to no end.

Teen Tabitha updates her site weekly and even puts her personal videos online for all to see. I love the Internet!

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