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Posted By Teen Porn on 12/10/10 - Write A Comment!


OK, if nuzzling your face between this set of teen tits doesn’t excite you then you might be a bit. off. Sure, barely legal teens with small tits have their appeal, but once in a while a chunky teen like Tegan Brady has to be partaken in order to calibrate the machine!

Tegan Brady started modeling the day after her birthday. As with most sites they shoot a ton of content in the beginning. I am talking 60 to 70 sets and 20 to 30 videos. They do this just in case she bails, she gets sick, she gets into a car accident (this actually happened recently!) or any number of reasons she might be unavailable to shoot. Plus, it gives the girl time off to spend some of the money she is making!

Hey, Tegan Brady likes to travel!

So the point? Well, I am letting you know that even though the site opened months ago, they are still populating it with her first sets. First in, first out. Right now you are getting nothing but an 18 year old teen with huge tits that is only a day to weeks over her 18th birthday!

As with many solo model sites these days she also gives you access to her friends like Ellie Jay, Dors Feline, Emilys Dream and more!

Remember, an un-calibrated machine can get you into a ton of trouble!

Posted By Teen Porn on 09/08/10 - Write A Comment!

Take a barely legal model that has just turned eighteen and pack her full of sex. What you end up with is Tegan Brady, the Internet’s newest and youngest model ever!

While other operations are cutting back Tegan has been packing it on. Her enormous tits are a whopping size 30GG. What in the hell are they feeding this poor girl?

Some girls with a little extra chunk get all self conscious and try to hide themselves… But not Tegan Brady! She lets it all hang out and wears clothing that seemingly focuses all of those teenage curves right on to your eyeballs. Don’t worry though… The only eye that is going to be swollen and painful is the eye of your cock once you honor Tegan by shooting the largest load you’ve ever shot out of it before!

If you like Tegan Brady you will love all of her friends like Emilys Dream and Dors Feline. You get them and more free with your access to Tegan’s web site!

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