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Posted By Teen Porn on 05/11/06 - Write A Comment!
The Candid Place Red Bikini

I recently had a discussion with some friends about fine asses. That ass above is a very fine ass indeed. My buddy Tony says fine asses are all over the place. He pointed to a friend of ours named Robert who has a fine ass, but he is a man. I am not much into butt dimples and therefor will refrain from endorsing Robert’s ass as a fine ass.

During the conversation it became apparent that fine asses are applenty in certain locations. One such location is Miami. Others include just about anywhere that hosts Spring Break. But where do all of these fine asses go for the rest of the year? I couldn’t tell you, but I do know one guy who collects them all together in a fine archive. His name is Candid Bob and he runs

The girl above with the fine ass and red bikini is a perfect example of what you can expect at The Candid Place! This website is dedicated to candid photography. The majority of the content is candid beach photos with a few other locals thrown in. If you are a candid photos fan then this website is perfect for you.

The Candid Place updates three times a week with topless beach photos, bikini clad beauties, wet-look shots, bend overs, ass shots and every other shot you can think of. All candid photos are hi-resolution and crystal clear. even accepts photos from the public to keep things extremely candid and original. This truely is the best place on the net to find candid beach photos!

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