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Posted By Teen Porn on 06/07/10 - Write A Comment!

If you have never received a panty job from a teen hottie you don’t know what you are missing. I am a lucky fucker in that I have been blessed with having received panty jobs for just about my entire post-puberty life!

Even to this day I get them from my current girlfriend. This shot of Mandy from reminded me of one I received just the other day. My GF wore an equally see through pair of panties and gave me quite a show even before the touching started!

While panty jobs are great, Thong Jobs can be even better. Click the pic above and you can quickly see why. The view from the back is amazing and thongs tend to move over easier so they don’t saw through your cock (especially when lace is concerned).

Thong Jobs has been open for four years and they shoot their panty job videos in HD. The models are smoking hot and really know how to tease (and finish the deed!). Take the tour and check out the quality, as well as, the quantity of panty job videos!

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